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How to Insert a GIF (Moving Picture) into Google Slides

Quick Tutorial for Adding a GIF (Moving Picture) to your Google Slides When I saw teachers using GIFS on their Digital Meet the Teachers I instantly fell in love. There is something so warm and inviting that these GIFS bring to a virtual Meet the Teacher or Digital Open House. If your classroom is set up for distance learning I highly encourage you to try this method. Not only will you WOW ... Read the Post

Martin Luther King Jr. Activities to Celebrate MLK Day in the Classroom

Click Here to Purchase the MLK Quote Activity  This is a PAID activity that makes a wonderful companion to the crossword puzzle (Below) In this activity, students use the same quote sheet they used/will be used to complete the crossword puzzle. Except for this time they select a favorite quote from the sheet, cut it out, and glue it to the response sheet. A response sheet is a place for students ... Read the Post