Easy as Pie… Pie. Multiplying Fractions and Measurement Conversions Activity

Easy As Pie... Pie No Melting, No Mixer, No Baking, No Microwave, No Dishes,  NO PROBLEM! Students apply math such as repeated addition of fractions, multiplying fractions, simplifying fractions and measurement conversion to increase an mini pie recipe. Best part.... They make the recipe after with this 1000% classroom friendly process.  Guys.... I’m not usually one to toot my own horn.... ... Read the Post

STEM | STEAM Planning and Reflection Sheets for any Challenge

I remember in my university classes doing a STEM project for the first time...#Marblerollercoasters It was amazing! With a little 3/4 insulation tubing, (Check hardware store, should be able to find for less than 2$ a piece, **Remember each piece is split) masking tape, the classroom, and our imagination! It was my childhood Roller Coaster Tycoon dream come true. The class had great success. My ... Read the Post

Free Teaching Instagram Highlight Icon Covers

Since creating the Teaching on Lemon Lane IG account, I have been blown away by the community found on Instagram. Here you find a world of support, understanding, camaraderie, and fresh new ideas to implement into your classroom. I wanted to do something that would be appreciated by my teaching friends and the idea of sharing icon covers for their highlight stories seemed like the perfect ... Read the Post