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First Week of School Activities Middle School, Upper Elementary, & High School Students LOVE

BACK-TO-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES THAT ARE A MUST   📣PSA: THIS BLOG POST IS HUGE AND FULL OF FUN IDEAS, ACTIVITIES, AND FREEBIES FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL. LET’S DIVE IN!??? Ask any experienced teacher and you will quickly realize how pivotal those first few days of school are. During those crucial first days back, you will set the tone and build the foundation for the rest ... Read the Post

What is Grit and Growth Mindset and How to Teach it in the Classroom

  Having grit and a growth mindset are hot topics in the classroom at the moment and for very good reason. The problem is that most products, blog posts, and resources only discuss: What it is What it looks like The importance of it This line of products allows you to explicitly teach it...by facilitating failure.  Click Here to Learn More About the Nitty-Gritty ... Read the Post

Halloween Day Activities for the Classroom

As a teacher, I SO looked forward to Halloween. I'm convinced my brain would erase the exhaustion from the previous year leaving only giddy, naive, anticipation. There's something magical about Halloween in an elementary school. From the parade, to the party, some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around them. Halloween as a teacher is SO MUCH FUN and SO EXHAUSTING. How a day can be looked ... Read the Post