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St. Patrick’s Day Activities for the Classroom

I don't know what my deal is, but I've been on a BIG Ireland kick. Putting this out into the universe.... Ireland, I'm coming for you. I think it all began with our AMAZING trip to Notre Dame's Campus and football game. We were able to enjoy the game, and Touch Down Jesus in a box suite. Everything was a dream. Fighting Irish became a new life motto, which I felt I could claim having a little ... Read the Post

Free Pi Day Activity, Measure Pi using Pie

Easy As Pie Extension for Pi Day   Click on the link to download this free extension activity for the Easy as Pie....Pie Recipe. A 1000% Classroom friendly recipe for making pie in the classroom! Click here to purchase for more information on this product!     Please please please tag me in you're pictures! I want to hear all about it!!! ... Read the Post

Lucky Chinese Coin Bracelet Tutorial St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Upper Grades

St. Patrick's Day Craft for Older Kids   I had been racking my brain trying to come up with a fun, age-appropriate, educational activity that could be used in the upper grades for St. Patricks Day. When I finally started thinking about Lucky Charms... my mind finally started to roll. When I stumbled across the Lucky Chinese Coin and found it could be used to make a bracelet, I ... Read the Post

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