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St. Patrick’s Day Activities for the Classroom

I don’t know what my deal is, but I’ve been on a BIG Ireland kick. Putting this out into the universe…. Ireland, I’m coming for you. I think it all began with our AMAZING trip to Notre Dame’s Campus and football game. We were able to enjoy the game, and Touch Down Jesus in a box suite. Everything was a dream. Fighting Irish became a new life motto, which I felt I could claim having a little Irish blood in my pedigree.

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Between that and my current obsession with Ireland, St. Patrick, and their history, as well as binging through “Rebellion,” on Netflix, I just can’t seem to get my fix. Thus, I’m focussing my new obsession on the classroom and bringing some new and fun ideas for you to try!

1. St. Patrick’s Day- The History Behind the Holiday:

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I don’t even know where to start with this one, other than saying I enjoyed getting to know St. Patrick immensely. Religious or not, Christian or not, there’s a story here that EVERYONE will enjoy. Were talking kidnapped at 16 and brought to Ireland, sold off as a slave, worked as a slave for years, mysteriously hears a voice telling him to escape slavery and travel 200 years to the coast where a boat headed to his home in Britain will be waiting, said boat is full of pirates, he finally makes it home only to turn back determined to bring Christianity to a Pagan Country, goes back despite no one thinking him capable, does it anyway. FASCINATING. If you want to read his own account, CHECK THIS OUT. 

Sorry for the run-on, could not help myself! Anyways, this reading comprehension and questions give the brief and fascinating history of St. Patrick, as well as mentions Celtic traditions and legends like the fairy-race and leprechauns that have become part of the celebration as well! This reading and crossword based on the reading is sure to be enjoyed by all! For more information, click here. 

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2. FREE Luck of the Irish Reading Comprehension and Questions: 

This reading comprehension passage and question is available for free. This reading passage takes students on a brief overview of 7 of the most iconic lucky charms and traditions associated with the Irish Culture.  Students will also learn about the not so lucky history of the Irish people.

If you download this product, don’t forget about the FREE Extension Crossword available here! To access you need to be logged in as a member, if your not, no worries! Sign up is free, and easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This one is SO FUN. The lucky coin bracelet craft I mention is a really fun extension that creates a complete activity that your students are sure to love. Best part… You can outfit an entire grade level with those bracelets for next to NOTHING.

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3. Make Rainbows using Prisms: A childhood memory from elementary school was when we made rainbows outside using prisms. Though I don’t remember the lesson or objective, I do remember the wonderment, awe, and beauty I felt in this activity. We went outside with prism in hand and were encouraged to explore. You can purchase glass or acrylic prisms. If you are wanting a more hands-on activity I would suggest acrylic. The only downside to acrylic is if it’s not a quality product, is scratched or dull, it won’t refract the light as well as glass will.

You may consider a glass prism for yourself. If you are on a budget, which let’s face it, is there a teacher that’s not??? When shopping for your own, make sure the ends aren’t frosted or etched. My recommendations are below.  Consider the chandelier prisms. They are glass, so will need to be handled with care, however, they can be a great alternative.

You can also make a rainbow using a mirror, water, flashlight, and paper! Read more at Physics Central. 


4. St. Patrick’s Day Read-Alouds: Immerse your class in Irish-folktales, and sweet St. Patrick’s Day stories. I have many but narrowed down a few… depending on your definition of a few… If you would like a more detailed breakdown of these books, make sure to check out this post: The best picture books for St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy a few of my very favorites that you need to add to your class library. If you’re new here, Hi. I’m a picturebookaholic. Phew, glad we got that out of the way!

Click Here to see a breakdown of my favorite Irish based Picture Books


5. Lucky Charms from Around the World:

This activity and it’s extension below can technically be completed at any time during the year, however, they lend so well to St. Patrick’s Day. This is a reading comprehension passage that allows students to explore and learn about lucky charms from all over the world. It really is such a fun read.

This packet includes both a reading passage and reading comprehension questions and the crossword extension activity.

Once students have completed the reading, questions, and puzzle I highly suggest trying the activity below!

Click Here to Download through Teachers Pay Teachers

6. Lucky Charm-Gold Coin Bracelet: This time of year is perfect for this activity in the classroom. After students learn about other lucky charms from around the world, they try their hand at making their own lucky charm using a GOLDEN Chinese Coin. The Golden Chinese coin is AWESOME because in the activity above students read about the significance and luck associated with these coins! I have my students tie their bracelets using green string to act as a little pinch protection come St. Patrick’s Day. Best part about this bracelet is you can outfit almost an entire grade-level for around 15$. For a complete activity breakdown and product recommendations see this post! 



7. Make Irish Soda Bread IN THE CLASSROOM: You may be catching on to the trend that I highly encourage baking, cooking and all food science in the classroom. I will never suggest an activity that can’t be completed with success in the classroom setting. This activity is no different. I love this activity. One, it’s simple. Two, the measurements can be multiplied or divided with a cinch. Three, it has a historical context. Four, you “bake,” this bread on a griddle… similar to how it was originally prepared.

How. Convenient. Math. History. Informational text (Recipe). Sign me up.

Irish soda bread grew popular in the 1800’s in Ireland because of the dire conditions after the Potato Famine. The bread could be prepared with as little as 4 ingredients and was yummy enough it’s still made today. (Buttermilk, flour, baking soda, salt) The dough is rolled into a circle then cut into farls or 4 quadrants. Make sure to use the correct terminology when preparing it. Farl originated from the Galeic word Fardel, meaning 4 parts. The breads were typically cooked over a fire and not in a stove. Thus, baking on a griddle would yield a very similar result! If you aim to try this in the classroom, check out this tried and true recipe for Irish Soda Bread! Serve it with jam, or do one better, IRISH BUTTER. 

8. Celtic Knot Tutorial: Celtic knots are intricate and beautiful. The origination of the design can be traced back as far as the 6th, even 7th century BC. This tutorial by A. Reed Mihaloew is absolutely fantastic. Students can start with a simple design using the blank template provided, or by using graph paper. No prior experience is necessary for your students to see success. This tutorial also includes a brief history and scaffolds to more difficult and complex designs. If you are looking for an activity that celebrates Irish traditions for the Upper Grades… this is it. Click here to download the PDF. Another option for a Celtic Knot tutorial is to go the video route. I’ll post my favorite below! If you’re looking for a more hands- on option… You could always try TYING a Celtic knot as a class!

9. Irish Dance: I danced all growing up and through college, in my experience, I had many opportunities to perform a wide range of styles… but never Irish. This is a major regret. Whether you dance or not Irish Dance can be enjoyed and respected by all. This strong, yet light style is a hopping contradiction of itself. The upper body is held stiff and still, while the bottom half fires away at a rapid pace. Thanks to technology not only can you enjoy an Irish Jig on St. Patrick’s Day… you can even try your hand…er, feet, at one. I scoured the internet to provide only the best recommendations. Many videos out there are trying to call a country line dance, Irish and maybe it’s the dancer in me, but I can’t let your students confuse the two techniques.

The Fairytale of the Irish Dance

I would certainly begin by watching some masters at their craft. Then try a couple of steps in the classroom. Anytime I did dance or movement in the classroom, I dim the lights. The older students get the more conscious they become. The lights seemed to help them loosen up. If you would like to learn more about the history or origin of the dance, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this!  Also if you are looking for a fun picture book to introduce the fairytale of the Irish Dance, consider the book Rince.



10. Learn to Speak a Little Irish Gaelic: Irish Gaelic or Gaeilge is the country’s official language. However, the majority of the island speaks English. Because less, and less people speak this language it is on the endangered language list. Do your part in the classroom and help this language stay alive by being relevant and recited! There are many wonderful videos of beautiful folk-songs, rhymes, and basic lessons. A few of my favorites are the 1-minute lesson series that I will post below!

There you go! 10 of my very favorite activities for you to try in your classroom! If you’re scratching your head and wondering, “But what about the leprechaun trap?” You’re not mistaken. Call me a grump, or a little snooty but I struggle with those as well as the book, “How to Catch a Leprechaun.” Don’t get me wrong the activity has such merit and the book is adorable, but if there were ever an example of over-commercializing a holiday… this would be it. According to legend, leprechauns were about the same size as a 3-year-old… not a blade of grass. And the mischief, don’t get me started on the mischief. Let’s just say green water and glitter in your hair is the last thing you would need to be worried about if you heard the slight tap, tap, tapping of his cobbler hammer 😀 Also did you know that originally they were described as wearing red… not green! Who knew??!

What do you do in your classroom? Are you excited to try any of the activities above for the first time? I want to hear from you!

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April Fools’ Day is TOMORROW
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Guys.... I’m not usually one to toot my own horn.... but 🎺 🎺. You HAVE to try this in your classroom. I racked my brain to come up with a pie recipe that didn’t require melting butter, a hand mixer, oven, or mess, that still incorporated math and fun. When plastic bags came to mind I couldn’t find anything that supported the idea of whipped cream in a bag but, in theory it should work.... IT. DOES. Every “piece” of that pie #punintended is made in a ziplock bag with ingredients that simply require measuring. Best part, it’s delicious. This is SURE to be a favorite and memorable activity with your class! 💛 be sure to tag me, I can’t wait to hear all about it!.

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When an idea for an activity turns out EVEN better than you imagined?!
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I love the idea that the best way we can remember September 11 and #neverforget is to remember the love, and unity that was felt September 12th, and to strive to live that way each day.
On September 12th we were one nation under God.
Seeking justice for all.
Love this beautiful depiction by @paigepayne_creations see her thoughts on September 12th below.
“ And on September 12th, we all came together. We were one. My family was living in Scotland when 9/11 happened. It was everywhere, all over the news. In school the day after, we had a long moment of silence in remembrance of those who were lost. We continued to have an annual moment of silence every year after that. It was incredible that even thousands and thousands of miles apart, we were mourning with those that mourned. We were one. At that time, we all displayed what we are capable of. Even in the face of incomprehensible tragedy, humans are capable of immense love. Capable of setting aside differences and coming together as one. As we remember and pay tribute to the thousands of lives the were lost that day, let us also strive to be more like how we were on September 12, 2001. Full of love, understanding, and compassion for each other. “

This painting is inspired by a beautiful photo taken by @masseya ❤️

#911 #911memorial #9eleven #911remembrance #thetwintowers #neverforget #neverforgotten #unity #love

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If you are in a developing community with new housing I recommend a minimum of 4 bags 🙀
What to include:
🍋If you adhere the plates to the desk, have a segment of what you use in the pack.
🍋Welcome Treat (same one you’ve given to each student at the open house/back to school...etc.
🍋Whatever else you’ve set aside for students that begin on the first day of school.
📣📣📣There will likely come a day when without warning you will be notified you have a new student, and the student will start THAT DAY. Save yourself and your poor new student the stress of frantically trying to get everything set up, by preparing NOW.
Veteran teachers what else do you include in your new student kits?? Share in the comments below⬇️⬇️⬇️
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How satisfying/ beautiful 😻 is this #classroomorganization tip by @the_organized_classroom
Use paint swatches as a visual to help students sort supplies! Keep this is mind as you set up your classroom for the school year!
What’s a brilliant #teacherhack you’ve tried or seen done with paint swatches??? Comment below 👇
I’ll leave mine in the comments!

Guys… I had a baby 🥰 Almost 10 months ago 😳 I STRUGGLE to consistently show up on this platform, but know how happy I am that you are here!
There are a lot of new faces around here so I thought we should take the time to get to know each other!
PLEASE comment below with what we have in common, or something we will never see eye to eye with 😜
A few things to know about me😬
🍋 My name is Tara, I’m the creator behind @teachingonlemonlane
🍋 Lemon was my maiden name and my love for all things lemon runs deep.
🍋 I’m a fresh lemonade connoisseur, and will not touch store bought/ from the tap.
🍋 My patronus is a wolf 🐺 #potterhead
🍋 A piece of my heart will always be in #5thgrade and New Orleans
🍋 I’m a novice flower gardener and LOVE to experiment with different blooms.
🍋 Ben and I will celebrate our 10 year this year and have 3 kiddos under 5 💀
🍋 Go Red Sox ⚾️
🍋#bucketlist item: New Zealand, Hobbiton, ride the #nevisswing 😳
🍋 Teaching item(s) I can’t live without…Binder clips😎 You should see what I can #macgyver with a couple clips… also, flair pens. #cliché 🤓
YOUR TURN: Tell me something about you in the comments!

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This product is available in both a printable and digital version that’s completely editable through Google. If you have a student or child interested in Digital Design, this is a fun way to introduce and experiment with different design tools. Because there are so many different types of situations and circumstances when it comes to a father the words father or dad are never actually used. Which makes this the perfect card to give to any figure that has taken on that important role. Whomever that is, they should be celebrated!

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I just added this CELTIC KNOT inspired Lucky Clover Craft and it turned out so fun! Use either the DIGITAL version and insert pictures into the leaves that represent why you’re lucky, or pick from one of the 18 different top layer options to create a beautiful clover like the one shown above! If you do go this route make sure to check out the EDITABLE bulletin board kit to really put these beauties on display!
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Selection Sunday and PI Day falling on the same day... Somebody pinch me. Two of my very favorites because of the projects you can start in your classroom 😍 Take for instance my March Math Madness PBL
Think March Madness + Fantasy Basketball + Lots of Math + A sprinkle of ELA = Engagement & Excitement & Learning 💛🏀💛
Students are separated into the 4 divisions then work together to put together a new starting 5 from players in their division. #dreamteam Each round their individual players are awards point values for how they played. At the end of each round students will calculate their team’s total points and decide which dream team comes out victorious! There are some really great opportunities to see Math in action. There’s opportunity for measurement conversion, converting fractions to decimals, ordering decimals, ratios, mean-median-mode, adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals...etc. This is quickly becoming another tried and true favorite in the classroom!
Also if you think your too late to the table, the only thing you are late for is brackets! The dream team activity can be started before any round! Second round would actually be ideal 👊🏻👊🏻 LOTS of FREEBIE extensions for this product that can stand on their own! Head to the website for more details!

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