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The Big Scribb Whole Class Grit & Growth Mindset Challenge

So excited to finally have this whole class Grit and Growth Mindset activity available for you! Essentially this project is a mural that is created in pieces by students in your class. Students have no idea what the end result or picture will be and instead are asked to focus on their small tile and to recreate the image assigned to them with as much accuracy as they can. This is a free ... Read the Post

The Big Scribb

  Click Here to Download the BIG SCRIBB Details | Instructions There are a total of 64 panels that make up the picture. 51 of these are student handouts, each varying in difficulty. 13 of these will be blank and need to be printed separately.  Blank pieces will either be on the perimeter or an uninterrupted piece of the elephant. Each panel must be completed to achieve the end ... Read the Post