Easter Activities for the Classroom

Details coming soon! Pysanky Tutorial   Egg Drop Walking on Egg Shells Bouncy Egg Egg Shell Planters Crash Eggs Egg Rockets Plastic Egg Manipulatives Egg Mosaics Plastic Egg Launcher Tissue Paper Easter Eggs Peep Science Experiments Easter Picture Book ... Read the Post

April Fool’s Day Prank for your Class: Low Prep, Lot’s of Laughs

April Fools' Day as a teacher wasn't always my favorite day. That is until I started pranking my class, that helped, a lot. We had teachers that would mirror screens in the computer lab next door and type messages to an unsuspecting class. GOLDEN. Another favorite is the old turn in your homework I never assigned. Too fun. This one however, takes the cake for me. Low-prep, disguised to not raise ... Read the Post