Peg Doll Biographies

  Project information, details, and product planning pages coming soon! Make sure to check out these Biography Graphic Organizers that will work together with the Peg Doll Planning Pages!   Supplies: Peg Doll 2 3/8 Pack of 25 Peg Doll 2 3/8 Pack of 50 Peg Doll 2 3/8 Pack of 100   Jumbo Peg Doll 3 9/16 Pack of 50   Peg Doll 2.4 in & ... Read the Post

Pysanka Easter Eggs in the Classroom

  This has been an activity that's consumed my thoughts for awhile. Typically, the more something consumes my mind the more excited I am about it. I was on the search for a fun Easter Activity appropriate for Upper-Grades. It wasn't until I stumbled across Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs, that I knew I had found it. The anticipation for the final reveal ignites engagement, the process ... Read the Post

Free Student Information Digital Parent Form for Back To School

In my experience I have used both paper parent forms, and digital google forms. When given the choice between the two, I prefer the google forms. The reason I prefer digital is largely due to data entry. Every response on the form is collected and entered into a google sheet. Instead of typing each email, and deciphering handwriting, a simply copy and paste gets the job done! If you would like to ... Read the Post