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Thanksgiving Activities for Upper Elementary & Middle School Classrooms in November

I don't know what it is about November, but of all the months | holidays I create digital activities, worksheets, or lessons for... Thanksgiving has the most content and ideas for your classroom, and many of them are FREE! Even better many of these Thanksgiving-themed activities are appropriate for the elementary, Middle School, (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade) & even High School Grades! I ... Read the Post

Steps for Effective & Engaging Literature Circles in the Upper Grades

  I LOVE Literature Circles. I wasn't someone that always wanted to be a teacher growing up... However, when I did decide to pursue the teaching route, one of the main motivators was to be that "someone" that introduced a reluctant reader to the LOVE of reading. I suppose it's because I was one of those readers growing up, that is until I discovered the MAGIC that reading can be. ... Read the Post

Strategy Focused Digital Reading Responses Perfect for Distance Learning & Why You Should Be Using Them

It's crazy to think how much the standard classroom model has shifted and changed in such a short time. The need for effective Distance Learning & Digital Classroom resources has never been greater! My Strategy Focused Response pages originated as a bookmark students would use each week alongside their Literature Circle assigned reading. Each week, students would receive a new reading ... Read the Post