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Steps for Effective & Engaging Literature Circles in the Upper Grades

  I LOVE Literature Circles. I wasn't someone that always wanted to be a teacher growing up... However, when I did decide to pursue the teaching route, one of the main motivators was to be that "someone" that introduced a reluctant reader to the LOVE of reading. I suppose it's because I was one of those readers growing up, that is until I discovered the MAGIC that reading can be. ... Read the Post

Strategy Focused Digital Reading Responses Perfect for Distance Learning & Why You Should Be Using Them

It's crazy to think how much the standard classroom model has shifted and changed in such a short time. The need for effective Distance Learning & Digital Classroom resources has never been greater! My Strategy Focused Response pages originated as a bookmark students would use each week alongside their Literature Circle assigned reading. Each week, students would receive a new reading ... Read the Post

How to Get MORE Out of Literature Circles with Weekly Assignments FREEBIE Included

If you're reading this, I hope this means you have already read my post on, "How to Set Up Literature Circles in the Upper-Grade Classroom," as well as the post on, "How to Keep Students Focused and Accountable During Literature Circle Discussions." If not these are great places to start. If you also find yourself thinking I'm not here for information on setting up Literature Circles... Don't go ... Read the Post