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How to Keep Students Focused and Accountable During Literature Circle Discussions

Every teacher has something they do really well, for me it's my Literature Circle and Guided Reading Rotation set-up. This isn't something that just happens. In order for both my Literature Circles and Guided Reading Rotations to work coincide with each other like a well-oiled machine, a lot of thought, practice, clearly stated expectations, and resources were required... The result, a ... Read the Post

How to Set-Up Literature Circle Roles & Responsibilities | Book Club Jobs

Before we jump into setting up Literature Circle Roles & Jobs, and why your students will love them, If you haven't already, make sure to check out these posts as well. How to Set Up Literature Circles in the Upper-Grade Classroom Steps for Effective & Engaging Literature Circles in the Upper Grades As a teacher, setting up, planning for, and implementing Literature Circles in ... Read the Post

My Favorite Non-Traditional Book Reports

Coming Soon!     To stay up-to-date on new blog posts, freebies, exclusive promo codes, and sales… Join the Teaching on Lemon Lane Community! Pick any or all of the following to stay in the loop of all things Teaching on Lemon Lane.  Follow @TeachingonlemonLane on Instagram Like Teaching on Lemon Lane on Facebook Join our exclusive Teaching on Lemon Lane Facebook ... Read the Post