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DIY Father’s Day Gift for Kids

Father’s Day Gift Booklet

It’s always a little crazy to think that there are teachers still teaching into the month of June. If you’re reading this I can’t help but think I am likely talking about you. If so, remember you are doing a great job, better than you think of give yourself credit, your job is important, AND YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!

I wanted to come up with a project that could double as both a fun and educational end of year project, as well as a Father’s Day Gift. I also wanted to try my hand at a more interactive product. When the Father’s Day Booklet came to mind I was really excited about it. Oddly enough inspiration came when I discovered a word search wall hanging that was meant to be placed in the bathroom to keep your guest’s minds occupied. I loved it. The fact that it was meant for a man-made it even better. 😀

I even sketched out a little poem that’s included in both versions of the booklet to illustrate my vision for this sweet little book. The poem is completely editable through the digital version. The poem is for personal use only:


I made a little book for you.

To thank you for the things you do.

From your example, and your deeds.

To the thoughtful words you plant as seeds.

I’ve been watching all the things you do,

In hopes of becoming just like you.

As I grow, I hope to be,

The person inside that you can see.

Place this book on the shelf, or even the loo,

Your nightstand, your bag, just somewhere in view.

It’s filled with love, and jokes, and fun.

My thanks to you, for all you’ve done!

This little booklet was made for light, enjoyable reading. I also really love the digital version to give students the opportunity to try their hand at a little digital design. Students will be able to experiment with layout options, design aesthetics, inserting images, flipping text-boxes…etc. For me, there is great satisfaction in creating something on a screen, then bringing it to life with a printer. My hope is that your students will fill that same sense of creative fulfillment, and have a sense of pride in the gift they have prepared for a loved one.

An important note that I want to point out. Though this booklet is made for Father’s Day, we as teachers know better than most that not every child has the same situation as their peers. Relationships with a father may be strained, non-existent, or filled in by someone else. This booklet never mentions the word father, or dad. Simply, this book is for someone, anyone that has taken on that role. Someone whom the student looks up to, admires and aspires to be like. This is a great way to celebrate the great men, in that student’s life.

I also wanted to add little snippets to this booklet that would encourage a stronger relationship between the person creating the booklet and to the receiver of the booklet.

You will notice in the videos there is a page where the student can celebrate the favorite thing they were ever taught by this person, and then describe something they would like that person to teach them. My hope is of course this will lead to a wonderful experience between the two. Father or not, when a child expresses a wish for you to share an area of expertise with them, there is a need to teach, bond, and develop.

The last page also includes a section where students can write questions they would like to know about the receiver of the gift. My hope of course with this is that wonderful, and meaningful conversations will be had! Make sure to encourage questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no, or teach students to ask for an explanation behind an answer.

Aside from those pages, there’s also a fun word search puzzle the students can design and fill with character traits based on the receiver of the booklet. As well as favorite things maze that can be customized to the person, and a memory | picture page, an acrostic poem or list set up. However, my personal favorite is the “Dad Joke,” Page. The perfect place to put a favorite punny joke, or silly riddle.

Anytime I have students search out information on the internet I always have them add for-kids. This helps with the search results. Check out a couple of these zingers I came across while putting this together… Some are so bad they are good 😀 Remember “Dad Jokes,” are typically the jokes that make you roll your eyes, or are filled with a classic pun. If you know me… Puns are a love language!

  • Why did the baby strawberry cry?
    • Because it’s dad was in a jam.
  • Two fathers and two sons go fishing together in the same boat. They all catch a fish but the total catch for the day is three fish. How is this possible?
    • There are three men: A grandfather, a father (the grandfather’s son) and the father’s son.
  • What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?
    • A nervous wreck.
  •  How much money does a pirate pay for corn?
    • A buccaneer.
  • Why did the scarecrow win an award?
    •  Because he was outstanding in his field.
  • Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
    • Great food, no atmosphere.
  • What do you call a fake noodle?
    • An Impasta.
  • How many apples grow on a tree?
    • All of them.
  • Want to hear a joke about paper?
    • Never mind it’s tearable.

Ok, Ok, Ok…..

I’ll stop. Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did, especially if you are still in school! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag me on IG @teachingonlemonlane.

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