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How to Set-Up Literature Circle Roles & Responsibilities | Book Club Jobs

Before we jump into setting up Literature Circle Roles & Jobs, and why your students will love them, If you haven't already, make sure to check out these posts as well. How to Set Up Literature Circles in the Upper-Grade Classroom Steps for Effective & Engaging Literature Circles in the Upper Grades As a teacher, setting up, planning for, and implementing Literature Circles in ... Read the Post

Increase Student Engagement with Choice Boards in Your Classroom

Full Blog Post Coming Soon! Everything you need to know about setting up Choice Boards in your class. Benefits for Distance Learning Simplify Teacher's Role Increase Learner Accountability Increase Student Engagement Tech-Free/ or Tech-Driven Differentiate with Ease In the meantime check out these Best Selling Choice Boards for Your Classroom, Digital versions coming ... Read the Post

How to Set Up Literature Circles in the Upper Grade Classroom

We all have something we do really well as a teacher, something we consider our niche... For me setting up Literature Circles and Guided Reading Rotations were just that. Literature Circles, in particular, can be such a powerful force for reading comprehension and motivation in the classroom. However, they are often set up without the support necessary or avoided altogether. Other times they are ... Read the Post