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Fun Ideas for Teaching Nonfiction Text Features, Texts, Structures & Main Idea for Reading Comprehension

  How to teach informational text, nonfiction skills, text features, text structures, in the 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th, grade, 8th grade, and middle school classrooms. Ideas to help students improve their reading comprehension in nonfiction texts, finding the main idea, authors purpose, or using vocabulary terms. Using nonfiction picture books to teach text structures. Graphic ... Read the Post

Increase Student Engagement with Choice Boards in Your Classroom

Full Blog Post Coming Soon! Everything you need to know about setting up Choice Boards in your class. Benefits for Distance Learning Simplify Teacher's Role Increase Learner Accountability Increase Student Engagement Tech-Free/ or Tech-Driven Differentiate with Ease In the meantime check out these Best Selling Choice Boards for Your Classroom, Digital versions coming ... Read the Post