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Free Flopped Cookies Editable Recipe Card Activity

You will notice that each recipe card only makes 8 cookies. This was done purposefully to prevent you from creating and wasting a large batch of ingredients on cookies that are meant to flop. I would approach this as an inquiry lesson. Start with the "flopped cookie recipe card." Do not mention that ingredients or information are missing. Simply prepare the cookies as if nothing is wrong. If your ... Read the Post

Come Follow Me: Book of Mormon- Week 1 Teaching Ideas & Resources | Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon

Hello friends! I've felt inclined to build out the "Living" side of my website since starting it... My background is in education and I've spent the last year building out that side of things. With the start of the year and studying the Book of Mormon I finally feel like it's time to REALLY commit. Holding myself accountable: Each week I will be doing a resource roundup of my favorite FREE ... Read the Post

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