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My Favorite Activities for the First Week of Math Class + FREEBIES

The first day of math class is right around the corner! Are you feeling those first-day jitters yet? In hopes of easing your jitters, I wanted to share a few ideas, activities, and my favorite way to assess students' needs during those first few days of class. I’ve even included a freebie or two that I am confident you will love. One gives students the opportunity to struggle and fail ... Read the Post

The Digital Morning Meeting Your Classroom Needs

Hello friends! I've been SO EXCITED to share this new product with you! Since I began teaching I had always wanted a slide that I would show at the beginning of each class, fast-forward to now and I finally took the time to make that daydream a reality! I LOVE how these turned out. If you are looking for a consistent way to start each morning or each class, while connecting with your students, ... Read the Post

Everything You Need for a Virtual Open House

If you're reading this you are likely at home trying to wrap your brain around distance learning, or a socially distanced classroom. With that being said, YOU can do this. Teachers are the most capable, and most adaptable people I know. A great way to kick off a school year met with many limitations, is, in my opinion, the same way to begin a traditional school year. That being with an Open House, ... Read the Post