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I’ve been SO EXCITED to share this new product with you! Since I began teaching I had always wanted a slide that I would show at the beginning of each class, fast-forward to now and I finally took the time to make that daydream a reality! I LOVE how these turned out. If you are looking for a consistent way to start each morning or each class, while connecting with your students, increasing organization, and building S.E.L… KEEP reading!

This product was created with your Upper-Grades in mind. I would feel confident recommending them for a 4th-grade – 12th-grade classroom. Whatever type of classroom you are in; Traditional, Social Distancing, Virtual, or even Hybrid this 100% paperless product integrates seamlessly.

This is the perfect way to start a virtual conference call, or traditional class. Students will know and understand what the daily expectation is, and will consequently be able to self-start. This also gives you flex-time for students to arrive and engage before jumping into the curriculum you don’t want them to miss. Also, because these slides are so fun and many of the challenges allow for interaction and connection, students are also internally incentivized to be there, be on time, and be ready!

The Morning Meeting That Does it All

When I say this Morning Meeting does it all… I really do mean it. Each month includes templates that check the following boxes:

  • Digital Daily Attendance
  • Daily Assignment/Subject slides with over 50 school supply icons
  • SEL Learning & Awareness
  • Grit & Mindset Challenges
  • Daily Interaction & Connection
  • Build Classroom Community
  • Improve Organization
  • Daily Challenges & Class Games
  • Set-Up Routines & Structure
  • 100% Paperless
  • 100% Virtual Classroom Ready
  • 100% Any Classroom Ready

  • Over 50 ready to go slides, all editable. Use the slides I’ve prepared, or quickly customize them to your classroom’s needs and curriculum.
  • Month View Schedule | Calendar (with easy to use Calendar Icons includes icons specific to the Month)
  • Weekly View Schedule (2 Versions)
  • 5 Weeks Worth of Daily Themed Slides & Challenges
    • Mindset Monday and Mindful Monday
    • Trivia Tuesday and True or False Tuesday
    • Wonder Wednesday and Would You Rather Wednesday
    • Thoughtful Thursday: Includes Kindness Challenges or Opinion based challenges
    • Fun Friday: Includes List it & Boggle Games
  • Daily Slides include School Supply Icons to quickly show what students need for the day
  • Daily Social-Emotional Check-In
  • Weekly Student Response Page

Don’t forget you can add these compatible slides:

  • Student of the Week/Day
  • Number of the Week/Day
  • Decimal of the Week/Day

Let’s Dive In

Ok, so let’s start from the beginning and really look at what is included and how these slides are intended to work. To start, every month will follow a similar set-up and include the same templates. This consistency will again help set-up a familiar and expected routine and expectation with your students. Each month, the specific questions, challenges, and games will change, as well as the colors and themes of the slides. This is fun because each month will be customized to the season/color palette.  I also will include icons specific to that month that can be used on the Month at a Glance slide…etc. Remember, the text and template are editable so if you OR YOUR STUDENTS… want to create your own “Would you Rather,” question or a more curriculum-based trivia or True or False question you have the freedom and ability to do so.

Going forward, I’m going to show you each slide and template included. Remember based on the month the color and theme will change. I’ll be using the August slides as an example. If you would like to see for yourself or get a better look, you can download ALL of the August Morning Meeting Slides… FOR FREE. 

I’m convinced you and your class will LOVE these.

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Click Here to Download ALL of the AUGUST Digital Morning Meeting Slides

The first templates I wanted to show you are the daily check-in slides. These slides are intended to be self-starters, so I would have these displayed with the intent of students entering class, and starting on the activity or challenge posted on the slide, while they wait for the rest of their classmates or for me to lead the class.

Each day students will complete or respond to a digital daily attendance check-in, record & possibly reflect on their current emotion, as well as complete the daily task, challenge, or activity. You will notice on these slides I’ve included a template for a daily schedule and notes. You can add links to your schedule or notes depending on what students will be doing for the day. There is also a space to mark the date and add reminders, rules, celebrations…etc. This is the perfect way to have any morning announcements or reminders in a place that students will see them. Also included on the template is a place to list out the supplies that students will need that day. You can add a link to these supplies for easier navigation. I’ve included over 50 icons of classroom supplies to meet your needs!

In order for students to show their attendance, this product needs to be shared as a collaborative slide. This means that you will share the same link with all of the class, do not give students a link that forces a copy giving each student their own individual presentation. The beauty of a collaborative slide is that it allows for connection and interaction even if you are teaching virtually. Students will mark their attendance by either moving their digital piece to show that they are here or by moving their piece to show their answer, opinion, or response to a daily challenge.

***Below I’ve included a GIF to demonstrate how students use their pieces to show their attendance/answer or interact with the daily task. The bright yellow boxes in the GIF are my notes that I include to help walk you through each step. You simply delete these once you’re ready to share the presentation with your students. 

The digital pieces the students use can be ALOT of fun. I suggest inserting the student’s actual picture, or my favorite… their self-created avatar into their piece! This allows students to see their classmates move and interact with the slides and questions making them more personal and again allowing for more connection.

More Connection = Better Classroom Commnity = Improved S.E.L.  

A Closer Look:

The following are the templates and schedule I’ve prepared. Each week the daily theme rotates, my hopes are that in doing so there will be enough variety to keep things enjoyable and fresh and that students will begin to look forward to their favorite daily themes!

1st & 3rd Week Activities:

  • Mindset Monday (Build Grit and Growth Mindset through Challenges)
  • Tuesday Trivia (Multiple Choice Question)
  • Would You Rather Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday (Opinion Article Based)
  • Fun Friday (Boggle Template)

2nd & 4th Week Activities:

  • Mindful Monday (Build S.E.L.)
  • Tuesday Trivia (True or False Question)
  • Wonder Wednesday (Link to Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day)
  • Thoughtful Thursday (Kindness Challenge)
  • Fun Friday (Scattegories Template)

Additional Daily Slides: 

Each month I also include a 5th week’s worth of daily slides giving you the ability to switch out or simply have more available options if needed.

Remember almost all of the text you see on the templates is editable. This allows you to either use the slides as I’ve prepared them or you can customize the daily tasks to your own classroom needs and curriculum.

As mentioned, these slides are set up to be completed collaboratively. **However you can assign the weekly student response slides as an individual copy. The beauty behind collaborative slides is that they lend SO well to creating a classroom community. Students are able to interact and connect with each other. All while being aware of the emotional needs of their peers and with what their own responses provide as well.

Daily Assignment/ Subject Slides

I especially love how these Daily Assignment/Subject slides turned out. Notice all of the icons to the left. Each of these can be moved and scaled depending on what you need. I’ve included a voice level chart using the icons, however, you can set this up however you need. The other great part about these icons is that you can easily link a website to them. This makes it easy for students to quickly navigate where you need them to go. Besides the white frame and text that shows the month, the numerical date, and day of the week… Everything is editable.

These slides are a great way to start each subject, or a follow up to your daily morning meeting. State your expectations in a clear, easy to understand way.

Month at a Glance/ Week at a Glance:

Each month will also include a Month at a Glance Template with fun Calander Icons and a list of Holidays you might want to celebrate. I will update each month to include seasonal icons specific to that month as well. The Month at a Glance template is a great place to take note of class birthdays, school breaks, and other things you would like the students to be aware of.

I’ve also included two templates that you can use as a Week at A Glance Slide. Again these are great for organizing events, class schedules, reminders, and due dates.

Student Job & Slide Quick Links:

I’ve included a template that can display student jobs. (Technically the text is editable so you can use this template for whatever you need!) All of the jobs I’ve listed are considered digital jobs and are in relation to the Morning Meeting. Once students have a handle on how everything works you can begin delegating different jobs to your students and allow them to more fully customize the slides to your own classroom. When students are more involved in something, engagement increases.

Lastly, each month will include a shortcut slide. This is simply to help with the ease of navigating around a collaborative slide. As a collaborative slide, each student will need their own individual copy of the response sheet that they interact with weekly. You can share the student’s response sheet individually as a separate presentation, or simply make a copy of the number of slides each week for each student. I personally like keeping the slides completely collaborative because this allows students and you to see the emotional daily check-in of each student. Having this awareness promotes a need of taking care of one another and lifting each other, again promoting that crucial Social-Emotional well being within the classroom.

Tips for using this Product in a Traditional Classroom

If you are in a traditional classroom, and not 1:1 with tech, these slides would work best projected onto a whiteboard or where students can see. From there on the templates like “Would you Rather Wednesday,” or Tuesday True or False/ Trivia I would simply have actual magnets or markers that students could use to show their response on the projected slide. Daily challenges like the Wonder Wednesday or What’s your Opinion slide would have to be done together. If you would like to avoid that simply use the Would you Rathe Wednesday Slide and the Thoughtful Thursday Templates on Kindness. All student responses could simply be recorded by hand in a journal.

If you are 1:1 in a traditional classroom, students can simply interact with the slides the same way as if you were completely virtual. This would allow them to use the template I’ve included to show and interact with the different slides and challenges while showing their attendance as well.

How To Purchase:

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You can purchase each month separately… OR get in early and purchase the YEAR LONG GROWING BUNDLE at a fraction of the price. 


  • SAVE BIG by purchasing NOW!
    • With every month added the price will increase until it reaches it’s Bundled discount price of $49.99
      • (If you were to purchase every month individually it would be around $80.00)

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  1. This product looks amazing. I am a little unsure of how it all fits together for a morning meeting. Do you have a video of it in action? I’d love to learn more from you!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I just updated the blog post to give a more complete run-down, let me know if this answers your questions or if I can clarify anything 😀

  2. This product sounds AMAZING! I can’t wait to utilize August and the rest of the year! Thanks!

    • YAY! I’ve been SO excited to share it 😀 Thanks for your comment, it completely made my day!

“Hope is not knowledge, but rather the abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill His promise to us. It is confidence that if we live according to God’s laws and the words of His prophets now, we will receive desired blessings in the future. It is believing and expecting that our prayers will be answered. It is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf ...

#givethanks 1:7
I've contemplated today what I would share and though I have SO much to be grateful for... There was no, ”aha!” ”that’s it!” moment!
As I opened my photos to find a pretty picture to share I found a stream of these images from this morning that made me smile. It's not the picture perfect post, but it's our reality.
Our reality is made up of a messy house, (that was cleaned today by the best daddy despite working full time from home.
Our reality is made up of a boy that drags Alexa around from room to room to listen to his music like Chris Stapleton, or Jon Pardi way too loud.
Our reality is made up of kids having more screentime than they should /taking pictures on mom's phone, left to fend for themselves or run to nana’s house.
Our reality is a big sister giving her 8week old baby sister her brother’s medicine/ call to poison control...
Our reality is an exhausted momma, wearing spit up as perfume, in an inside out nightgown, with who knows how long it's been since a brush has been in her hair, hair.
Our reality is messy, and in the moment I'm not often thinking of how grateful I am for the mess.
But looking at this picture while the kids are sleeping sound... it’s like looking at things through a different lens.
I'm grateful for the mess.

LOVING this FREE coloring page to use with this weeks #comefollowme lesson. Head to the website for the link to this instant download and others 💛 ...

“There is no medication or operation that can fix the many spiritual woes and maladies that we face,” President Nelson said. “There is, however, a remedy—one that may seem surprising—because it flies in the face of our natural intuitions. Nevertheless, its effects have been validated by scientists as well as men and women of faith. I am referring to the healing power of gratitude.” – President Nelson ...

FUN & Free Download to help you brainstorm and get into an attitude of gratitude as you participate in @russellmnelson #givethanks challenge! Head to the website for this week’s #comefollowme weekly FREE Resource Roundup ...

Repost• @comefollowmedaily
Sometimes I wonder, how did the Jaredites do it?

How did they have the faith and courage to step in those barges with everyone they loved, leaving behind their home, stability, and any semblance of control.

No steering wheel to steer. No sail to direct. No windows to see. No air source in the depths. No idea where they were going. No idea how long it would take. No idea if they had enough food.

No game plan but prayer.

Can you imagine those moments where they were running out of oxygen in the depths of the sea, praying fervently that the Lord would lift them in time? Because I’m sure they were imagining it as they stepped into that barge.

How did they do it?
The answer, I believe, is that God had prepared them.

Ether 2:6 says of their journey, “And it came to pass that they did travel in the wilderness, and did build barges, in which they did cross many waters, being directed continually by the hand of the Lord.”
They had done this before. They had been in the barges. They had crossed over many waters, and had felt God direct them continually.

They knew God was with them. So, when their greatest challenge came, they were prepared.

How has God prepared you for your challenges today? What smaller waters have you already crossed to prepare you for the ocean you are now in?

Or, what smaller waters are you crossing right now to prepare you for the oceans ahead?

Remember, “God has already prepared the way. He is just preparing you.” (Tangie Ambrose).

Art by @yongsungkimart
Thanks to my friend, Becky Rowley, for the conversation that inspired this post ❤️

Have you ever lost something, looked EVERYWHERE, all the while telling yourself “You don’t need to pray,” “YOU can find it,” ” We’re not to that point yet…” Only to get to the point of offering a desperate prayer, to find the thing you were searching for moments later, likely in a place you had already looked. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit. From my wedding ring to my only set of car keys. As I reflect on those little miracles or moments of God showing me His hand, I think those moments carry more weight because I left myself to my own devices for so long. I knew when I sheepishly found them after praying that the finding was outside of my own capabilities. Again I think this was an example of my own veil of disbelief.

According to President Harold B. Lee (1899–1973), the Lord’s question was similar to saying the following:

“‘Well, have you any good ideas? What would you suggest that we should do in order to have light?’ …

“Then the Lord went away and left him alone. It was as though the Lord were saying to him, ‘Look, I gave you a mind to think with, and I gave you agency to use it. Now you do all you can to help yourself with this problem; and then, after you’ve done all you can, I’ll step in to help you.’”

“Sometimes the only thing separating us from the blessings we seek is our own “veil of unbelief,” and if we can “rend that veil” (Ether 4:15), we may be surprised by what the Lord is willing to do for us.”

This excerpt from Come Follow Me this week really struck me. As I thought about what it meant, I realized that too often I had fallen victim to my own disbelief sometimes in the simplest ways and moments. I think in part it’s how my “natural” mind works. I’m quite an anxious person and my mind always puts things in worst-case scenario, that way when best-case or mildly-acceptable case come along I feel prepared and even happy with the outcome. I think it’s a survival mechanism. Whatever it is, it’s the default setting for my brain.
An instance that sticks out to me happened about a year ago. A dear friend of our family was going through cancer treatments for a cancer that he had beat once already. Things looked pretty bleak. My family had helped to organize a fundraiser that I was quite involved with. I did everything within my power to make things ok. Notice I did everything within MY power.
My husband and I were headed to the temple to do sealings with some of his old mission companions and mission president. As we drove to the temple I broke down filled with dread and hopelessness as our friend’s battle with cancer seemed to take another drive.
This brought the question… What’s the point? What’s the point in praying, if God already knows the outcome. Because God knows the outcome and it’s ultimately His will why even pray….. (read the rest on this week’s Come Follow Me Blog Post)
Comment below your thoughts, I’d love to hear what you think💛

Fun Object Lesson for #comefollowme this week:
Mormon and Moroni had faith that their actions, work, and sacrifice would bring about beauty for tomorrow.

What are you doing today? What seeds are you planting, or in my case SHOULD be planting? What is something you can do today that will bring about a more beautiful tomorrow?

If you are looking for a way to solidify this idea, it just so happens to be the perfect time to plant bulbs. Tulips and daffodils are one of my absolute FAVORITES.

If you’ve never planted bulbs before here are a few tips:

🌷Plant in a spot where it will receive full sun, or afternoon sun.
🌷Tulips prefer well-drained soil.
🌷Planting before a freeze is optimal, however, you will still have great chances with planting your bulbs in the winter. Tulips are surprisingly hardy.
🌷The larger the bulb, the deeper it will need to be planted. Larger bulbs need to be planted around 6-8inches deep.
🌷When you plant the bulbs the pointy side needs to be pointed up.
🌷Leave them to their own devices and have faith that March will be made more beautiful because of your efforts!
I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! Make sure to comment below.

As you plant, consider making a commitment to the figurative seeds you can plant and care for each day. Come March, when your tulips bloom, reflect on your actions and document the beauty that came because of your actions.

“To gain unshakable faith in Jesus Christ is to flood your life with brilliant light. You are no longer alone to struggle with challenges you know you cannot resolve or control yourself, for He said, ‘If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me’ (Moroni 7:33; italics added). – Richard G. Scott ...

You may not know this about me, but I love gardening, especially flower gardens. I’m no good at it, and again my good intentions outdo any action on my part, leaving an often neglected and overgrown sight, however, I still love it and love learning, reading, and experimenting with different blooms.

One of my favorite ideas/thought process about gardening is the idea of planting seeds is a demonstration of faith. The ACTION of planting the seeds and caring for them demonstrates your belief or hope in the beauty that may come tomorrow.

As I read the heading form Come Follow Me this week, I was immediately reminded of this idea.

“Mormon and Moroni had faith that their record would inspire those living in the latter days. As you read Mormon 7–9, write the impressions that come to you about how you can apply what you are learning. “

Mormon and Moroni had faith that their actions, work, and sacrifice would bring about beauty for tomorrow.

What are you doing today? What seeds are you planting, or in my case SHOULD be planting? What is something you can do today that will bring about a more beautiful tomorrow?
📷: @spellandtell

Have I Seen the Hand of God? FREE printable, November Gratitude Challenge.
This fun download can be completed digitally by typing into one of the 30 squares each day for the month of November, or print out the page and write in one of the spaces each day.

“I heard in my mind—not in my own voice—these words: “I’m not giving you these experiences for yourself. Write them down.” […] I wrote down a few lines every day for years. I never missed a day no matter how tired I was or how early I would have to start the next day. Before I would write, I would ponder this question: “Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our children or our family today?”

-Henry B. Eyring

New post with FREE Printable for #comefollowme this week! It’s all about making the effort o see the Lord’s hand in our lives every day. Download the November Gratitude Challenge and be ready to start come November 1st💛
Art by Sammie Rose

Gracelyn Jo
(See Full Picture in Profile)

“Grace is different from the Atonement. It is not Christ’s suffering, death, and Resurrection. Instead, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments...”
“Grace is different from the Atonement. It is not Christ’s suffering, death, and Resurrection. Instead, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments.
“The Bible Dictionary states, "Grace is an enabling power.”
-Brad Wilcox, His Grace is Sufficient

Gracelyn Jo
(See Full Picture in Profile)

“Grace is different from the Atonement. It is not Christ’s suffering, death, and Resurrection. Instead, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments...”
“Grace is different from the Atonement. It is not Christ’s suffering, death, and Resurrection. Instead, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments.
“The Bible Dictionary states, "Grace is an enabling power.”
-Brad Wilcox, His Grace is Sufficient

Gracelyn Jo
(See Full Picture in Profile)

“Grace is different from the Atonement. It is not Christ’s suffering, death, and Resurrection. Instead, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments...”
“Grace is different from the Atonement. It is not Christ’s suffering, death, and Resurrection. Instead, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments.
“The Bible Dictionary states, "Grace is an enabling power.”
-Brad Wilcox, His Grace is Sufficient

Had to share Emily’s post and this piece titled “The Refiner’s Fire”

@emilyshayart 2020 has been a YEAR.
Personally, it tops the charts.
My family has been drastically and painfully altered, bringing overwhelming heartache.

And yet, considering a piece of rough ore- a rock encased with minerals which naturally contains impurities. With those impurities, it also carries within it precious metals such as silver and gold. For the refiner to create something out of that piece of ore, he needs to begin the refining process by breaking the ore with a heavy hammer. The ore then must be exposed to the refiner’s fire, with temperatures as high as 900-1000 degrees Celsius, in order to burn away the impurities and reveal the precious metal inside.
God refines us by allowing us to go through painful trials and difficulties. One might think, “What is the purpose of letting Their children suffer if They truly love us?” Is it possible- one way to look at this allegory is to help us understand the purpose beyond our pain- to expose and purify the greatness within?
Could there be a gold and silver lining to the trials we are experiencing? By clinging to hope, persevering in faith and trusting in the Master Refiner’s perfect plan, we are refined in the fire.

In this painting there are a few things I’d like to point out:
⁃ with the support of Jesus Christ and heaven raining down tender mercy to keep her from burning, she is safe, cool and unconsumed.
⁃ by accepting such love and support, this brings new growth – beautiful fiery growth.
⁃ Christ’s halo is made of all colors of the flame, as he takes on every and all impurities.

“I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say ‘The Lord is our God.’” Zech. 13:9

“Adversity should not be viewed as either disfavor from the Lord or a withdrawal of his blessings. Opposition in all things is part of the Refiner’s Fire to prepare us for an eternal celestial destiny.” -Quintin L. Cook

“God would not put you through a refiner’s fire if you were not worth refining.” -Brad Wilcox

We’re BACK! Thank you so much for your kindness and patience as we took a brief pause to prepare for and welcome our sweetest new addition. THANK you to so many of you who reached out and checked in on us, to know that you have looked forward to and used these posts and even missed them...made me eager to return. ...

Excerpt from a personal post 💛 Thank you all for your patience as we welcome the newest member of our little family🍓
2020 the Year of the Poppies
“... You may not know this about me, but I love gardening, especially flower gardens. I'm no good at it, and again my good intentions out do any action on my part, leaving an often neglected and overgrown sight, however, I still love it and love learning, reading, and experimenting with different blooms. One of my favorite flowers is a poppy. I think there is so much to be said about and learned from these flowers. From the alien-like tubers you plant, to the fury foliage it produces, one would NEVER think that something so weed-like could ever produce such a gorgeous sight... And then... It does. Is that not life? Is that not 2020? This year has been hard for everyone, especially for some that I love the most, and yet despite everything, there has been beauty.

I truly believe that some of life’s most beautiful moments are produced after the hard or ugly. Is that not the Gospel and Hope found in Christ? Through His Grace the hard and ugly things we go through can actually be the source of something really beautiful, something better than we could have imagined, even a better version of ourself? 2020 has been hard, it’s still hard. But because of that hardness I’ve seen growth and light and beauty that I never would have expected. From repaired and renewed relationships, to a new focus on family and what’s really important, to things working out when they shouldn’t, to a beautiful new addition to our family... The increase is through Him. I think for me 2020 will always be the year of the poppies.

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