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St. Patrick’s Day Craft | Lucky Charms Around the World | Reading Comprehension

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Watch the Video preview if you are looking for a St. Patrick’s Day Craft or a fun project any time of year for Upper Grades. More details and step by step instructions can be found here!

Saint Patrick’s Day is such a fun time of year in the classroom. It’s this time of year I like to complete this craft. However, this pack is perfect for anytime of year, and has no reference to St. Patricks day in the reading. This pack is perfect for Upper Grades. Students will complete a reading, respond to the text reading comprehension. This activity includes a free crossword and craft tutorial at www.onlemonlane.com!

DOWNLOAD THE FREE EXTENSION ACTIVITY CROSSWORD for this specific reading at www.onlemonlane.com

Watch the video tutorial and see where to buy the most affordable and quality craft supplies for the lucky charm bracelet that goes along with this activity here! You can outfit your whole grade level in these simple, and adjustable bracelets for less than 15$.

In this product, students will learn about 13 Lucky Charms and traditions from all over the world, and across many different cultures. Students will learn about the Chinese lucky gold coin and 12 other lucky charms.

There are some really FANTASTIC corresponding FREE & paid activities that go along with this product.

  1. This activity has a FREE Crossword extension puzzle available at www.onlemonlane.com. The students will test their comprehension about the 13 lucky charms from around the world while completing the puzzle.
  2. Students can continue the fun in an additional reading about the, “Luck of the Irish,” In this free reading comprehension and question activity students will decide if they Irish really are “lucky” of not with a brief glimpse into Ireland’s history as well as learning about some of their most iconic lucky charms and traditions.
  3. A FREE Crossword Extension to the Luck of the Irish activity is available exclusively at www.onlemonlane.com
  4. The St. Patricks Day: History Behind the Holiday is one of my favorites. Students will learn about who St. Patrick was and his absolutely FASCINATING history. Students will also learn about the Celtic mythology behind ancient Irish beliefs like leprechauns, fairies, and how we celebrate today. This activity includes a reading comprehension essay, questions, and a crossword.

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