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Father’s Day Tie Editable Questionnaire & Craft



This Father’s Day Questionnaire the perfect gift idea for any special guy, (Dad, Papa, Heroes…etc!) This activity is completely editable through Google Slides! Meaning you can customize the questionnaire to your liking!


This Father’s day craft is perfect for siblings because you can add different questionaries and additional pages to the same tie! My favorite part about this fun Father’s Day printable is that you can customize tie pins by adding your OWN pictures before you print! This takes a beloved craft and turns it into a treasure.


Once you have printed, filled out, and assembled your tie, those special guys you are gifting them to CAN ACTUALLY WEAR THEM!


  • This download includes over 30 different Ready to Go Tie Templates **ALL EDITABLE


  • With 10 different tie styles to pick from you are sure to find something for everyone some of the patterns included are: Camo, Floral, Plaid, Blank, Coloring Page Style…etc!


  • Each style includes a ready to go template for Dad, Papa, or Hero
    • ***Please be mindful as you consider your students and their situations as holidays like these can be especially tough. Feel free to edit the text as you see appropriate!


  • Each tie also includes instructions for customizing the digital tie pins before you print! Add your OWN pictures to each tie! Consider hobbies, picture of children, pets, …etc! This personal touch takes this sweet gift to a whole new level!


  • Don’t forget! If you have multiple siblings you can add different questionaries to a single tie. This download also includes an additional page of questions and a lined tie for letter writing if you would like to go more in depth!


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