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Pi Day Activities for Middle School | Make Pie in the Classroom | Pi Day Math

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Click here to watch a step by step video of the activity!

Supplies needed for 30
 9 Gallon Ziplock bags
 3 Pie tin
 ***3 Wax paper square
 36 Graham Cracker Sheets

(Approx. 8 sheets comes in one sleeve, 1 1/2 sleeve per group)
 Bottle of Cooking Oil
6 Boxes of Pudding Mix
 1 Gallon of Milk
 24 oz Whipping Cream
• Powdered Sugar

Make pie in the classroom!! I know what you’re thinking…. Too big of a mess, I don’t have an oven, let alone a microwave, not worth it…. WRONG! If you know me you know I love incorporating food in the classroom. I find a way around the inconvenience. Take for instance my Baking with Fractions Brownie in a Waffle Iron product. No oven, no problem.

So now you’re asking, “Ok, convince me how making pie in the classroom could ever work let alone be worth it…” 2 words: Ziplock Bags. That’s right! No bowls, no spoons. Students convert the recipe by either adding fractions or multiplying them, measure ingredients into a bag, and mix in a sealed bag.

There are 3 parts to the recipe: Crust, Filling, and whipped topping. All of which are created in a bag. Cut the end off the bag and pipe both the filling and topping into the pie Tin.

Once your done making Pie and it is setting up in the fridge, complete the fun reflection page and FREE EXTENSION ACTIVITY that can be downloaded here. In the extension activity students measure the circumference, diameter, and radius of their pie to calculate….PI!

Could not be more excited about this one! Would love to hear what you think. Please please please tag me in your photos. There is nothing better than being apart of your classroom!

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