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Easter Activities Crafts Upper Grades | Easter Reading Comprehension | Pysanky


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I felt the need to come up with an Easter Project appropriate for Upper Grades. I wanted something that could integrate the Arts, History, and a little Stem into a fun an interesting reading comprehension for informational texts. This has been an activity that’s consumed my thoughts for awhile. Typically, the more something consumes my mind the more excited I am about it. It wasn’t until I stumbled across Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs, that I knew I had found it. Pysanka has been around for thousands of years. Pysanka comes from the Ukranian word, “pysaty” which means, to write.

In this fun reading comprehension, students will learn about the fascinating history behind the process, what the process entails, and the meaning behind some of the most common symbols used. Students will answer questions based off of the reading.

Make sure to download the full preview if you have any questions.

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