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Weekly Free Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Resources, Activities, Ideas, Printables, and Supports for Your Students, Toddlers, Family, and Individual Study!

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Week 5 COME FOLLOW ME: Doctrine and Covenants – TEACHING IDEAS & RESOURCES | D&C Sections 6 – 9

Questions to Ponder:

Each Come Follow Me Lesson asks important and reflective questions. When I first began my individual study… these questions threw me off. Simply because many of these questions required so much depth and individual reflection in order to answer honestly. My first approach to Come Follow Me was to get in, get out, get it done, check it off. These questions simply didn’t allow me to do so. In fact, I felt a little sick when I would read a question like, “How does the spirit speak to you?” and I wouldn’t know the answer right away. After a time, and pondering on that specific question I realized IT’S OKAY. In fact, I think these questions were meant to be set aside, thought about, and pondered. When we try and come up with the quick easy, obvious, answer, we are depriving ourselves of an opportunity to reflect, ponder, pray, and RECEIVE REVELATION. Is this not the whole reason for Come Follow Me? Are we not trying to finetune and recognize how we, and how to receive personal revelation.

As you read Doctrine and Covenants 3:1–15, ponder how other people’s opinions may be influencing you. You may also note that in addition to rebuking Joseph Smith, the Lord spoke words of mercy. So each week I will list out some of the questions issued in Come Follow Me. Maybe you pick to ponder about all of them, maybe you pick just one. Whatever you do, ponder on this for the ENTIRE week. Pray about it, discuss it with loved ones, then at the start of the new week, take the time to write down your impressions or thoughts, share them with your family, testify of powerful insights.

  • Weekly Free Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Resources, Activities, Ideas, Printables, and Supports for Your Students, Toddlers, Family, and Individual Study! Week 5 COME FOLLOW ME: Doctrine and Covenants – TEACHING IDEAS & RESOURCES | D&C Sections 6 – 9

    As you read these sections, notice what the Lord taught about personal revelation. How do His words relate to experiences you’ve had—or would like to have?

  • For example, what do Doctrine and Covenants 6:5–78:19:7–8 suggest about what the Lord requires of you before He will reveal His will?

  • What do you learn from Doctrine and Covenants 6:14–17, 22–248:2–39:7–9 about the different ways revelation might come?

    • Is there anything else you learn about revelation from these sections?

  • But the Lord knew, and He knows what trials are in your future too. His counsel to Joseph and Oliver in Doctrine and Covenants 6:18–21, 29–37 can also help you. How might Joseph and Oliver have felt after hearing these words?
    • What do you find in these verses that helps you trust the Lord? How can you look unto Christ more in your life?
  • Notice how many times words like “desire” or “desires” appear in sections 6 and 7.
    • What do you learn from these sections about the importance God places on your desires? Ask yourself the Lord’s question in Doctrine and Covenants 7:1: “What desirest thou?”
  • One of Oliver Cowdery’s righteous desires—to translate as Joseph Smith did—was not fulfilled. As you read Doctrine and Covenants 9:3, 7–14, what impressions do you receive that might help you when your righteous desires go unfulfilled?
  • How can you help your family understand that real “riches” are found in eternal life? (verse 7).
  • Reading these verses about how God speaks to His children may be a wonderful opportunity to share with your family how He has spoken to you.
  • What does it mean to “look unto [Christ] in every thought”? (verse 36). What are some other examples of people who turned to the Lord to overcome doubt and fear? (see, for instance, Esther 4Alma 26:23–31).
  • This may be a wonderful opportunity to share how faith in Jesus Christ has strengthened you and your family.
    • Why is it important that we “ask in faith”?
      • What blessings have you seen from seeking answers or help in faith?


Holy moly. This week is JAM PACKED. I stumbled across so many WONDERFUL resources that I had a hard time saying no and ended up sharing in abundance. Comment your favorite below, or let me know of a favorite free resource for Come Follow Me I’ve failed to mention.


I really enjoyed listening to the scriptures this week. Section 6 was especially tender for me. At the moment it is my favorite section of scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants so far, I’ll let you know when and if that changes, but until then, “Fear not little flock,” feels especially relevant and has been on repeat in my mind.

In fact, I just couldn’t move on to something else until I created something for you using the verses found in Doctrine and Covenants 6: 34-37. The poster you see in the image above is a free download exclusively for members of Living on Lemon Lane. I’ve sized it to be an oversized engineer print of 24inches by 36inches. If you’ve never created an engineer print this would be a great one to try out! You can print a BEAUTIFUL 2 ft x 3 ft poster for less than $5. Read more about Engineer prints and the process of ordering through this tutorial. 

 In order to access this download, you will need to be a member of On Lemon Lane, and signed in to your account. Not a member? Not a problem? Sign-up is FAST, FREE and Easy-Peasy, Lemon-Squeezy!

Click Here to Become a Member, once logged in click on the following links for access to the downloads!


Click Here to Download the Engineer Size Print Fear Not Little Flock 24 x 36 inches


The video above, “Days of Harmony,” is narrated from the perspective of Oliver Cowdery. The video was put out by the church and is suggested for your Come Follow Me Study this week!


If you do this activity PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take pictures and tag me! Post to the Facebook group, or tag @livingonlemonlane on Instagram! If you appreciate these object lessons or resource ideas, don’t forget to pin these images to your Pinterest. This is a SMALL and SIMPLE way to support the efforts of Living on Lemon Lane and sharing these ideas with your friends and family.


Weekly Free Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Resources, Activities, Ideas, Printables, and Supports for Your Students, Toddlers, Family, and Individual Study! Week 5 COME FOLLOW ME: Doctrine and Covenants – TEACHING IDEAS & RESOURCES | D&C Sections 6 – 9

Fear not; only believe. This is a time to make resolutions that will be binding upon you. This is a season to set standards that will hold you to the right course and make you happy now and in the years that follow. Remember, there is no happiness in wickedness. There is no happiness in sin. There is no happiness in disobedience. There is no happiness in going contrary to the teachings of the Church.

– Gordon B. Hinkley

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Teaching Ideas for Toddlers & Young Children

Watch or Listen To:

With young children, I understand the STRUGGLE and the attention span you are dealing with. Below are some of my favorite videos or audio recordings|podcasts you can listen to and watch with your children.  Many of these are PERFECT for when everyone is strapped in the car seat. My 5-year-old now requests many of these over the radio. This allows us to listen, review and discuss together, and listen again throughout the week.  Many of the videos I share can be found on the Saint’s Radio Channel App. (Formerly Mormon Channel App, If you don’t already have this, DOWNLOAD NOW.)


I am absolutely LOVING the YouTube Channel, Latter Day Kids. Each week they put out a beautifully illustrated video meant for young children to be used in conjunction with the Come Follow Me Lessons. This week’s video is all about All Things Denoting there is a God! You can even head to their website to download discussion questions to go along with the video and a fun coloring page.

Drawn In: Free Sample of Subscription Videos

The ONLY Paid Subscription I use for Come Follow Me

I’ve recently teamed up with David Bowman artist, author and creator of the Drawn-In Video Subscription to bring a discount to all Living on Lemon Lane readers. This is the ONLY Paid Come Follow Me product that I have a subscription to, and it is worth every cent. Each week you get TWO engaging and fun videos (around 20 minutes long each!) as well as exclusive content and printables! Like his books, instead of just introducing the scripture story he explains a principle, then takes it a step further by exploring APPLICATION.  Click here to watch his Free Videos, If you’re interested make sure to use the promo code LEMONLANE10 at checkout to receive 10% off of the yearly membership!

The Don’t Stop Translating Song above is a fun FREE Sample from the video this week… My kids… and I really enjoyed it. I giggled every time one of the rocker hands sang “Pennsylvania.” 



Activity Suggestions:

Click Here to Download

Click Here to Download


Click Here to Download

Activity Suggestions From Come Follow Me:

  • Possible Activities

    • Ask the children to repeat the phrase “fear not, little flock” (Doctrine and Covenants 6:34) several times. Explain that a flock is a group of animals, like sheep. Show a picture of the Savior as a shepherd (see Gospel Art Book, no. 64), and testify that He is watching over us like a shepherd watches over His sheep. Because He loves us, we don’t need to be afraid.

    • Let the children pretend to be a flock of frightened sheep. What might sheep sometimes be afraid of? Let one child pretend to be the shepherd keeping the sheep safe. What are we sometimes afraid of? Bear your testimony that Jesus Christ is like our shepherd and that He can calm our fears. Sing together a song about the Savior, such as “Little Lambs So White and Fair” (Children’s Songbook, 58).

    • Read Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 to the children, and invite them to repeat the phrase “doubt not, fear not.” Help the children think of ways that they can “look unto,” or remember, the Savior during the coming week (see also this week’s activity page).

    • How can you help your family understand that real “riches” are found in eternal life? (verse 7). You could invite family members to make pretend money and write or draw on it some of the many blessings your family has received because of the restored gospel.
    • Help the children make drawings they can display in their homes to remind them to “look unto [Jesus Christ] in every thought” (verse 36). As they make their drawings, discuss what looking to the Savior means and how it can keep them safe.

Teaching Ideas for Families

Watch or Listen To:

The church recently released, “Saints,” A New Narrative approach to church history. It. Is. WONDERFUL. This gives such depth and understanding to the early saints. Historians did a remarkable job marrying facts, conversations, and primary sources with the art of storytelling. Every conversation read, or detail noted, comes from a primary account. Saints is also intended to be read and comprehended at an 8th-grade reading level making it accessible to nearly every Latter-Day Saint. Please add this to your study this year!

Click Here to Listen to or Read Chapter up to Chapter 6 in “Saints,” (**To listen, click on the headphone icon in the bottom right-hand corner)


…I am SO EXCITED to share the following videos with you! In a nutshell, they are a short introduction and overview of the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. You get a brief, historically accurate backstory to the section, as well as a quick look at what it contains. In other words, this is the PERFECT support to add to your family’s study!

These videos are put together by Doctrine and Covenants Central, like Book of Mormon Central. Their vision is to “build enduring faith in Jesus Christ by making the Doctrine and Covenants accessible, comprehensible, and defensible to people everywhere.” 

I remember first hearing about their vision during a Fair Mormon Conference a few years ago when this vision was still just a vision, tears filled my eyes and my heart swelled at the thought of how needed and necessary their vision and efforts are, especially today. I wish I could put into words how grateful I am to those that share their talents so freely. If you really want to dive in deep to each section, consider visiting their website and looking up the section you would like to study, or downloading their FREE Scripture Study App, (Scripture Plus)

Click Here to Visit Doctrine and Covenants Central

Click Here to Download the Scripture Plus App





  • Another GREAT Resource is Revelations in Context: This is another book released by the church,  its purpose is to give you the behind the scene details to the  Section of the revelation given.  What prompted the question, what was going on…etc.
  • “The Doctrine and Covenants is a book of answers to prayers: many of the sacred revelations in this book came in response to questions. So it’s appropriate to begin studying the Doctrine and Covenants by considering the question that began the latter-day outpouring of revelation.” This book will help provide that background…





Activity Suggestions:

I’m SO EXCITED to share these new, FREE coloring pages by the talented Hadley Mae @Colorwinkstudio Each week she shares a new coloring page related to the Come Follow Me lesson!

Click Here for this week’s Coloring Page by Color Wink Studio


My other favorite find comes from the efforts of Tiffany over at Saving Talents. She puts together DAILY, FREE Devotionals for Come Follow Me. One of my favorite resources she creates are these Scripture of the Week Handwriting Practice Verses in both print and cursive. This makes my teacher heart swell! To download these, head to her site, click on the image then use the shortcuts like {control P} or right click on the image to print!

Click Here to visit this week’s Saving Talents Post for Come Follow Me


I love this idea from Come Follow Me in My Family! See if they can “translate” the secret message!

Click Here to Download

Individual Study & Extension

Watch or Listen To:

Really enjoying the new podcast “Follow Him,”  by John Bytheway and Hank Smith, each week they bring in a new expert to discuss the sections covered in Come Follow Me. A dear friend David Perry actually helps produce this podcast and it is truly exceptional.





Comment below and share YOUR favorite resources for This week of Come Follow Me in the Doctrine and Covenants. Join the conversation on @livingonlemonlane on Instagram and stay updated on new blog posts!  If you enjoyed this PLEASE SHARE! Another great way to share or support the efforts of Living on Lemon Lane is to simply pin your favorite images to Pinterest! Till next week.

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