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New Year’s One Word Resolution Classroom Activity and Bulletin Board

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m beyond excited to finally be able to share this idea with you! The best part is that EVERYONE can download the 1 Word Resolution Word Search for FREE! This activity is JAM packed and so much fun. It’s the perfect way to ring in the year with focus and excitement.

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Students begin with the word search. There are over 150 hidden 1-Word Resolutions in that pretty, little word search. The words range in difficulty so this is a great way to scaffold using the SAME resource. Words as simple and powerful as BE, GO, LOVE, or TRY can all be found. As well as more complex words like INTENTIONAL, AUTHENTIC, DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENT, COMPASSION, and INITIATIVE! This is such a fun way to introduce and explore new vocabulary words.

If you are looking for a list of words to inspire your new word for the new year, make sure to download this FREE LIST. This is the same list of words that can be found on the 1 Word Resolution Word Search! ***If you’re doing this with your class consider downloading the list as a challenge for fast finishers, or January morning work! Keep in mind this FREE DOWNLOAD is only available to members of On Lemon Lane.

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The word search requires students to find 8 words, then narrow their list to 1 meaningful word. The idea for this activity came from Facebook! Have you ever come across a word search post that tells you the words you find will determine your future…etc. I thought this could be a fun spin on one-word resolutions for the New Year! Maybe the first word you find is your brain trying to tell you something.

Followers on Instagram took on the challenge and they found words like; SEEK, GROWTH, CREATE, BALANCE, UNAFRAID and LIFT. Try the word search for yourself in the image below, make sure to share and tag @teachingonlemonlane, or comment your word below!

Once students have determined their word they will create a bookmark. This can be done by hand or digitally through Google Slides and Google Classroom then printed. The idea for the bookmark came from the need of students needing a daily reminder of their word. This is a great way for students to invest in their word.

On the back of the bookmark, students will create a list of 8 actions, scenarios or examples of what their word will look like in their life. When completed students will cut out the bookmark, fold down the center and fold the two backsides together. Laminating the bookmarks at this point is a great idea, you can even hole punch the top and add a fun string or embellishment.

The second part of this page is a simple reflection. Again this can be done digitally or written by hand. Students will write a paragraph describing why they picked the word that they did, and the implications they hope it will bring. This makes for a really fun New Year’s writing activity.

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The next part of this activity is where students create their word on a folded page that will be displayed on a SUPER fun and INTERACTIVE Bulletin Board. You and your students are going to LOVE this. This next page can also be done digitally through Google Slides and Google Classroom or by hand. Students will dive deeper into what their word means, what it’s like, and why it’s important. Encourage synonyms and descriptive language in their writing.

What’s really cool about their bulletin board piece is that it is created with the audience in mind. They are writing to other teachers or students in the school that will unfold their word to learn more about it and why they should pick their word for the upcoming year as well. The tearable slips at the bottom of the folded page are meant to be torn and kept as a reminder for the person that felt so inclined! This lovely idea came from Bar at, The Art Bar Blog, and it literally made my heart swoon. 

? Do you set a resolution or choose to focus on a single word?? Share below!

Can’t wait to hear what you think! Better yet, what did your students think? Comment below, or let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook! Tag me in your pictures pretty please!

Example of One Word Resolution Bulletin Board. The Bulletin kit is included with the purchase of the bundle.

Don’t Forget!

I just added a Vision Board PBL Activity that pairs perfectly with the One Word Resolution Activity above! Keep reading to learn more, I know your going to LOVE it 😀

Vision Board: Visual Goal Setting and Social-Emotional Learning Activity (**Digital Only, Printable Coming Soon)

This one was such a labor of love, but I think I love it even more because of that! This Goal Setting Activity is perfect at the beginning of the school year for back to school, a new term, or even as a New Year Activity. I even have a teacher friend that uses it as a Self-Love activity for Valentine’s Day! It also pairs perfectly with my One Word Resolution/Bulletin Board project listed below! When determining the best time to set goals and refocus, there really isn’t a better time than the present.

In a nutshell, you learn about vision boards, smart goal setting, and complete SEL  and self-reflection activities. Next, you create a digital vision board then save it as the device’s wallpaper and|or lock screen to act as a daily visual and reminder. ***Templates for computers, tablets, and Smart Phone screens are available, the Vision Board Bundle includes ALL of the templates. 

This activity can help ANYONE to look at their life and what they are prioritizing with fresh lenses, motivation, and a clear plan moving forward. I really wanted this project to be just as educational as it is beautiful and I’m happy to report I believe that goal was met. Not only will your students and YOU (***This project will be just as beneficial for you as it will be for them!) create a visual representation of your goals with IMPACT but you will also learn about the Elements of Wellness, increase S.E.L. through awesome Social-Emotional Learning Activities, all while having fun planning, and creating a beautiful, completely customizable vision board using my EASY to use digital templates through Google Slides!

Once your vision board is complete you will then set it as your device’s wallpaper and|or Lock Screen to act as a daily reminder and reinforcement. (Instructions included)

***The Vision Board Bundle includes 26 different digital templates proportional to a Computer Screen, Tablet, or Smartphone. Use with Chromebooks, MacBooks, laptops, desktops, iPads, Fire, Tab, iPhones, Androids…etc. 

This Product Includes:

  • Teacher Notes
  • Video Walk-Throughs & Tutorials
  • Vocabulary Page
  • What is a Vision Board (Editable Reading Passage)
  • What’s the Point (Editable Reading Passage)
  • A Balanced Life: Elements of Wellness (Editable Reading Passage)
    • Example page of each of the different Elements of Wellness + Questions (Editable)
    • Elements of Wellness Reflection Page (Editable)
  • What I Can Control & What I Can’t Control Digital Sorting Activity
  • Areas of Control poster
  • Good | Better | Best: S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Chart (Editable)
  • Suggestions for what to include on your Vision Board (Editable)
  • Color Symbolism Chart (Editable)
  • 1 Word Resolution List and Wordsearch
  • Questions to Consider for planning your Vision Board (Editable)
  • Brainstorm Page (Editable)
  • Needed Tech Skills Worksheet, Answer Key, and Video Tutorial (Editable)
  • Reflection Page (Editable)
  • How to Save Vision Board From Google Slides Instructions
  • Completed Template Examples
  • 26 Different Digital Vision Board Templates sized to your Computer Screen, Tablet, or Smartphone
    • Over 150 moveable stickers, graphics, and elements to customize your vision board!

Long story short. This product is JAM-PACKED. I’ve done my best to create something that EVERYONE can benefit and learn from. I know you are going to love it!

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