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Subtracting Decimals from a Whole Number | Adding Decimal | Real World PBL Menu


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This is such a fun way and REAL WORLD example as to why students need to know how to subtract decimals. Students will subtract decimal numbers from whole numbers while having fun! My students love this activity and would actually consider it more than a game than math practice. This product includes practice for both adding and subtracting decimal numbers however the majority of the practice is subtracting. Students are given a $25 budget per person and must plan a meal using real menus for both themselves and their friend. This product now includes links to digital menus, as well as a printable Chick Fil A menu. When you purchase this product you are not purchasing the Chick Fil A menu, this is simply included free for your own personal use and convenience as I do not own any rights to this menu. You and your students will LOVE this real word application and enjoy the practice!

All you need to complete this activity in your classroom would be menus from a favorite place to eat. Many restaurants have (To-Go) paper menus. I love using the “real” menus because it makes it more authentic. You can also just print off menus from restaurants websites. I have used Red Robin’s menu in the past below is the link to the menu.

Students can work in pairs or on their own. These is a wonderful worksheet that works as a graphic organizer to help guide and organize their thinking and work. At the end of class students love to share what they and a friend will be eating.

I have created this to where it scaffolds the students learning so don’t forget to remind the students to bring down the decimals when needed.

Common Core:
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to the hundredths.



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