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STORY MAP Digital Reading Response Comprehension Google Activity ANY TEXT


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These Reading Response pages originated as bookmarks I would use as a weekly assignment for Literature Circles | Book Clubs. Click Here to learn more. Each product is strategy focused on either one of the active reading strategies, or an element of fiction. This product is editable through google drive, works great as a printable, or is perfect for distance learning and assigning through Google Classroom. This Download is based on the ELEMENTS OF A STORY MAP. This Reading Comprehension Activity is perfect for literature circles, guided reading groups, literacy centers, student book clubs, independent reads, and whole-class novels. You can also cut the page in half and glue into interactive notebooks. Text is editable and created to be used over and over again with any text (Fiction | Novel | Passage). Each page can be customized to your class, or the text assigned. Also included is a list of questions focused on the same reading strategy.

The Active Reading Digital Response pages are available as the following Strategies as well as a BUNDLE:

Active Reading Strategies

I’ve also created Elements of Fiction Focused Digital Response pages for the following elements of fiction:

Elements of Fiction


*****If you like these make sure to check out the BIG BUNDLE… You get the digital Response pages, Strategy Focused Activity Bookmarks, and strategy focused Comprehension Questions Roll & Respond sheets!

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to use these in your classroom along with other tips, tricks, resources, and related FREEBIES

I used these as a weekly assignment with my literature circle groups. Each week we would have a discussion on the strategy we would be focusing on while we read. Students would then receive their weekly reading assignment and be assigned a new response page. Students would have the week to complete their reading and the response. At the end of the week students would meet in their groups and use the same strategy focused Roll and Respond sheets to guide their group’s discussion! With Distance Learning this makes planning and assigning a breeze. Assign a new strategy to be applied each week, then have students respond to a group discussion or question through zoom, Google meet, or Flip Grid!

Click here to learn more about the related Strategy Focused Roll and Respond sheets

This product can be used and implemented in grades as young as elementary looking to study chapter books or novels, to your middle school upper grades and High School Students.

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