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Spelling Word Choice Board Activity / Spelling Words Activities Bundle

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If you are looking for a way to add a little zest to your word work and spelling activities, look no further. This resource includes a corresponding page per every square. Download the full preview! This resource works for all grades but is catered to upper grades.

My students love to use this Spelling Word Choice Board in order to practice their spelling words. Spelling can be so monotonous, boring and often ineffective, I knew that there had to be a way to motivate my students by spicing up how they practice their spelling words. I learned about choice boards while at school and fell in love with the idea. Sadly this is the first choice board I have incorporated into my classroom since graduating… However, based on the results it will not be the last!

Save BIG by purchasing a bundle.

Choice boards are a great way to differentiate student learning, while allowing students ownership to choose activities catered to their “multiple intelligence”. Also because many of the activities require students to “create” the students end up using deeper thinking skills and working in the highest level according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

This choice board would work great as spelling homework, as part of a center rotation, or as a whole class activity. The printables and worksheets that accompany the choice board can be used with or without the choice board. Some of the activities include:

Sign Language to practice spelling: Perfect for kinesthetic learners!
Write Like an Egyptian
Create a Word Search
Write to Create a story, jingle, rap or poem…etc
Compare and Contrast: Common Core Aligned
Write it Right: practice penmanship
Top Secret Words: Students create and analyze spelling words in code
Comic Strip

***This activity was specifically selected to increase students ability to LEARN, UNDERSTAND, and APPLY meaning of vocabulary terms

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