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Thanksgiving Math Project / Plan Thanksgiving Dinner / Thanksgiving Activities

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Thanksgiving Meal Planning Activity is a new favorite. This Project Based Learning Activity takes into account the Real World Application and steps it takes to plan a Thanksgiving Dinner. Students must read and comprehend informational text (REAL RECIPES) during this planning activity.


This Thanksgiving Activity covers a wide variety of standards and skills:

  • Informational Text
  • Adding and Subtracting Decimals
  • Money
  • Converting Measurements
  • Multiplying Decimals
  • Elapsed Time
  • Multiplying Fractions or Repeated Addition Fractions
  • Critical Thinking
  • Descriptive / Sensory Writing
  • Percentage to Decimals
  • Adjusting Recipes using Fractions
  • Rounding and Estimating Decimals
  • …ETC!

This product extension activities that can be used for fast finishers, or would work great in centers or as rotations.

To show my gratitude to you this download also includes 2 Free Activities.

  • Free Thanksgiving Coloring Page
  • Free Recognizing Gratitude, Thankful through the Alphabet

Activities Included:

  • Invitation Design/Copy Shop
  • Guest List/ Dinner Party Serving Size
  • Menu Design/ Copy Shop Cost
  • Menu Planner / Shopping List
  • Actual Thanksgiving Real Recipe Cards *encourage students to try at home!
  • Recipe Adjuster: Most recipes will need to be doubled or even tripled. Can be accomplished through repeated addition or multiplication.
  • Grocery Store Price Ad with Coupon: This activity can even be completed with actual Grocery Store Ads, or online through a grocery service!
  • Thanksgiving Exact Price Breakdown
  • Estimate / Rounding Thanksgiving Price
  • Thanksgiving Logistics: Students must figure out how to serve their dishes at the same time at the appropriate temperature….
  • Dining Table Design/ Seating Arrangement
  • Thanksgiving Reflection
  • Thank You Cards: Students write notes to those that prepare Thanksgiving for them, or someone they are grateful for
  • Extension Activities
  • + 2 Free Thanksgiving Activities.

Looking for other Thanksgiving Activities?

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