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Place Value Games Matching Card (Through Thousandths Model Fractions & Decimals)

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I needed a fun review game for my 5th grade students that would solidify their knowledge of place value, and how to represent decimals to their equivalent base ten models, and fractions. I also wanted them to practice applying the idea that the value of the decimal doesn’t change if zeros are added to the right or left of the decimal. I thought what better way to review these concepts with my kiddos than a card game. This download includes 56 cards, 4 matching cards per set. We will be using these cards to play spoons, but you could also use them to play memory, go fish, kemps…etc. These cards could also be used as a review game in math centers, rotations, reteach and enrich…etc. Let me know how you used these fun cards, and if your students even realized they were learning! As always I love your feedback, THANKS!

This printable can be printed double sided, or simply one sided. Laminate to use over and over again:)


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