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Geometry Task Card w/ QR Code / Volume Composite Figures / Polygons / Prisms

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These geometry task cards with QR codes are the perfect review for volume and volume of composite figures. Polygons: properties, types of triangles, types quadrilaterals…etc 3 Dimensional ( 3-D ) shapes: prisms, nets…etc. My students needed a quick and efficient way to review all of the heavy vocabulary in our geometry unit and these task cards are the perfect way to do so! If you haven’t tried QR codes…. TRY them. It is amazing how motivating they are to the students. Students receive immediate feedback as to whether the concept is mastered or if there is a misunderstanding, allowing you to quickly pinpoint and instruct.

This pack includes 32 task cards with answer to problems embedded in the QR code.

***Any questions?? Please download the full preview for clarification or ask away! 😀

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Stay tuned for more QR Code Task cards covering 5th grade math standards!

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