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Father’s Day Booklet | Word Search, Fathers Day Craft | Card Activity Google

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This Father’s Day Booklet is the perfect activity for Upper Grade Students. This book makes for a great writing activity and can be used as a Fathers Day card or gift. Students can design, customize and edit the booklet through google slides. This is a great introduction to learning tech, and computer design skills. Students can pick from or design all of the following template pages:

“I made a little book for you.
To thank you for the things you do.
From your example, and your deeds.
To the thoughtful words you plant as seeds…. “

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***This Product includes both the printable (Paper|Pencil option, as well as the Digital Design version, customizable through Google Slides.
1. Cover, with Tribute page | Poem on the back cover
2. Word Search: Students create a word search with characteristics of the person the book is for.
3. Memory Page: Students can either insert an actual picture or print and illustrate it by hand. Then write a story about their favorite memory.
4. Joke Page: This page is dedicated to jokes and riddles that apply to the person the booklet is for.
5. Create an acrostic about the person.
6. Past and future hexagons: Write about a favorite thing they’ve ever been taught, and what they still want to learn from the person.
7. Maze activity: Students customize a maze using icons
8. Questions I Still want to know: Students list questions they would like the person to answer.

This booklet is perfect for anyone is any situation. Though intended for Father’s Day, the words father, dad …etc are never mentioned. Better yet it is a way for a student to create a gift for any man, or other role model in their life, to celebrate them, thank them, and even create a stronger bond for the future with the use of the past and future page and questions I still want answers to. I LOVE this little book and hope you will too! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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