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Digital All About Me: Getting to Know You Distance Learning Back To School Virtual Activity



Looking for a FUN Get to Know You Activity that’s Perfect / Appropriate for Upper Grades or your older students? This Digital All About Me is the Perfect Virtual Back to School Activity that can be used in the Distance Learning Classroom, the traditional classroom, or even a hybrid! Students will LOVE creating their own bulletin board complete with tons of unique facts about them. They will also enjoy this activity as a way to see, interact and CONNECT with their other classmates!


This ice breaker activity is great for the first day of school or first week of school. It was created for Upper Elementary, Middle School, Junior High, or Secondary Students. It can be done in one class period and incorporates a get-to-know-you activity that allows students to share about themselves. When teaching this lesson you can model each step thus allowing your students to get to know you, and form connections with you in the process! This product was created in Google Slides and can easily be edited or assigned in Google Classroom or Canvas. *** If using Canvas instead of using this as a collaborative slide back to school activity it is my understanding you will instead make a single copy for each student to complete.


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Students will share 8 Facts about themselves, insert a picture, animated GIF or even a virtual avatar of themselves. Notice the Boarding pass, here students can share about a dream trip or a favorite trip they have gone on. Students can even insert a QR code that brings their classmates to a website that tells about their vacation spot. The ticket stub is a fun way for students to share about a favorite or dream concert, show, rodeo, event…etc!


This Get to Know you goes BEYOND the basic… What’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite color? and really allows YOU and your older students to get to know one another.


This Digital Product Includes:

  • Instructions & Tips for using this product in a Distance Learning Setting
  • Instructions & Tips for using this product in your classroom
  • A Collaborative Google Slide etiquette & Page that students must initial before starting activity
  • A student instruction page with tutorials on how to complete the activity
  • A completed example
  • A student Template
  • I’ve created and numbered 36 student templates for you if you choose to use this as a collaborative slide. If you need more simply make a copy of the slides!

Pages are set up to be compatible with printer, or digital versions can be sent out


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