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Christmas Gift for Parents / Student Picture Ornament / String Art Holiday Craft


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Finding the perfect parent Christmas gift is hard especially when it comes to Upper grade students! This is probably my student’s favorite project that they complete throughout the year. Per request, I wanted to create a string art ornament template that would be more appropriate for younger grades, or teachers looking for a simplified version. Thus the numbered dot to dot templates were born.

String art can be challenging and fun and the end result is always so pleasing to the eye! My students are always thrilled to bring their final project home and present it to a loved one. String Art requires practice, patience, and dedication to craftsmanship. All great skills to introduce in the classroom.

Watch the Video tutorial in its entirety on Instagram in the Story Highlights, or in the Teaching on Lemon Lane Facebook Group!

This bundle includes 3 different numbered, dot to dot String Art templates
-Wreath ornament to be used with student picture
-5 x 7 or 8 x 10 Christmas tree
-8 x 10 Snowflake or Poinsettia, depending on the color of thread selected.

Looking for pictures of finalized projects? Find them at either the Teaching on Lemon Lane Facebook Group, or the Teaching on Lemon Lane Instagram Page.

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Both Art pieces look BEAUTIFUL framed in a dollar store frame! However, one of my favorite Holiday traditions is decorating the tree and coming across old ornaments that I made while in school. My very favorites are ones that have old school pictures in them because let’s face it…. They are hilarious. Thus my need to create an ornament for my class that was age appropriate and included their picture. I could not be more thrilled with the result.

Make sure to download the full preview if you have any questions, ***JoAnn’s Craft store is my favorite place to purchase these supplies because of their coupons, AND teacher discount, (Just bring your ID) I purchase Tapestry needles because they have a larger needle eye, which makes it more convenient for the kiddos to thread. Blog post coming soon with more detailed instructions and pictures!

Be on the look out for more Christmas products, including the opinion writing project we use in correlation with this Christmas Activity! Make sure to follow my store Teaching on Lemon Lane to stay up to date on the latest products, sales, and of course FREEBIES! I love to read your feedback, let me know if you have any questions,

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