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Static Electricity Experiment / Inquiry / Explore / Hands On Lab

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This static electricity lab is a favorite of both mine and my students. This can be completed with everyday items that can be found around the classroom. On the graphic organizer (3 Different Layout Options) I have included the objects that I use as a guide. I also have included a blank graphic organizer that will allow students to either find/bring their own materials, or write down the materials you provide.

I use this lab as an inquiry lesson to introduce the topic of static electricity. Most students have schema of static electricity. This lab allows them to explore and take it further. Students are required to make hypotheses and use their schema to provide evidence of their thinking. From that point they explore what types of materials will create a larger static charge (Their hair included ;D) as well as which types of objects are better able to hold a static charge. The worksheet guides the students and provides them a place to organize their results.

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