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New Years 2020 One Word Resolution Goal Setting Activity Bulletin Board Idea

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I’m so excited to share these New Year Activities with you! Not only will your students love these, but you will be left with an AWESOME New Bulletin Board for the rest of the school year, or January to help celebrate the New Year and welcome students back from Winter

Break. This activity begins with a word search jam-packed with over 150 1 word resolutions. Students will find 8 of those words and then pick their favorite to use in the next goal-setting activity. From there, students learn more about the word they want to bring into their lives for the next year. Students will define, list synonyms, and use descriptive language. Students will also make a bookmark that will serve as a daily reminder of their goal. On the back of the bookmark, students list specific steps and examples of what actions they will take and scenarios as to how this word might come into play. After that students will work on their piece for the bulletin board. Students will fold a piece of paper, fill out the prompts and decorate their word to be on display. The best part about this bulletin board is that it is interactive! Encourage other teachers and students to pick out a 1 word resolution of their own to be their goal for the new year!

HEAD OVER to @Teachingonlemonlane Instagram and check out my Highlights titled NEW YEAR for pictures, a video tutorial, and more information!

Digital versions of the Bookmark (2 options) and the Bulletin Board page are available. Perfect for a cleaner look, or practicing tech skills. These pages can be completed through Google Slides using Google Classroom.

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  1. Jessica Burnette (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this resource! Thanks for sharing!

    • On Lemon Lane (verified owner)

      YAY! I love it too, Thanks so much for your comment Jessica!

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