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The Scientific Method ( Use with any experiment)

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I love this product and so do my students. This is a wonderful tool to be used when you are teaching the steps to the scientific method. You can use this as a whole class activity, send it home to work as a guide for a science project, or even use it for a science center or rotation. My favorite thing about this product is that you can use it with any experiment. It also helps the students explicitly see and interact with the different steps of the scientific process.

Students must record their question, then form a hypothesis based on their question. After they must plan a procedure, they can either list the actual steps or even draw a picture. Next they will actually conduct their experiment and draw a picture of the planned experiment. There is also a section to record data both written and observed. Finally a space is provided to state a conclusion whether that be more testing needed or a concluding statement.

I would love to hear how you used this student led sheet on the scientific method, especially the experiments you conducted! One of my favorite experiments to use with this sheet is based on the question, “What happens when you continuously shake a full size airhead?…” Not the most earth shattering question, but certainly a fun one! Don’t know the answer? TRY IT! Simply hold the full size airhead at one of the ends and shake the airhead back and forth and watch in amazement what happens:)

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