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Literature Circle Bookmark (Book Club, Literature Study) Guided Reading

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This bookmark is a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with a novel / literature study, book club, or what I call literature circle. Basically I think there are a lot of names for the same idea.

My students use this book mark to keep track of their weekly reading assignment. As they read they are required to write down cue words or phrases to help them remember what happened in the chapter when they go to write their summary after completing their reading. I have each chapter divided into two sections, cue words, and main cues. After students record all of their cue words they go back through and narrow those words to only the most important details, or main cues. It is those main cues that the students use to guide them as they write their summary. I require students to write a 1/2 page summary and “letter” to me after each reading assignment.

The summary includes only the most important details and the 1/2 page letter is where the students reflect about what they have read: predictions, connections, questions, inferences, what they visualized…etc. This bookmark is a wonderful tool to help with these two assignments!

**I print these bookmarks double-sided. You will notice on the back of the bookmark there is a place for students to record a tough or unknown word they came across and record the meaning. This is great for improving dictionary skills. There is also a note section to record favorite phrases, words, or thoughts they have as they read to include in their 1/2 page letter.

Let me know how you use these bookmarks in your own classroom! I LOVE your feedback, also don’t forget to follow to stay up-to-date on the latest products, sales, and of course FREEBIES from Teaching on Lemon Lane.


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