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End of Year Standardized Testing Student Rate Sheet {Common Core}

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I LOVE this tool! With end of year standardized testing just around the corner, I knew I wanted to create a tool that would hold my students accountable to their performance… Not their score. That’s where the idea for having this printable came from. At the end of each standardized test I have each student complete this worksheet. So each student will complete one for ELA, Math, and Science. All I ask while my students test is that they give me their best. I am held accountable to their scores, so I want the students to be held accountable at least to their efforts.

Students rate their performance based on a scale of 1-5, 1=No effort, 5=I did my best. Students then must list 3 evidences as to why the score they gave themselves is accurate.

Students also give feedback as to which type of questions they feel the most confident about, and which questions they feel like they could use more practice with… THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART. I was shocked by the invaluable feedback my students gave as to how I could improve my teaching, and their learning experience.

Students also must complete an illustration showing how they felt when they knew they answered a question correctly. This is fun for the students, and allows them to celebrate what they know! It’s also fun for you to see the illustrations. There is also a section where students can write anything else they wanted to share.

I also left a section for teacher’s notes. This section is for you the teacher to give the student feedback. For instance, if they student was to hard on themselves and evaluated their performance at a 4 when you know they deserve a 5 you can make a note their for the student to see. You can also cheer your student on and praise them in this section, or feedback such as SLOW DOWN… 🙂

I hope you love this evaluation sheet as much as I do! If you love this format you may also want to check out my Group Work Evaluation sheet, based on the same purpose of holding students accountable.


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