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Class Accountability Score Sheet (Use w/Visitors, Specialties , Art, P.E. …)

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This score sheet became necessary to hold my students accountable to their behavior whether they were in homeroom with me, or with a different teacher for reteach and enrich, specialty rotations like: art, physical education, computers, keyboarding, coding, library…etc, or if there was simply a visitor in our classroom.

Sadly, a handful of my students needed to know that the expectation needed to be met, whether I was in the room or not. Most importantly, my students that continually strive to meet the expectation needed the opportunity to be celebrated. I use these score cards as a way to communicate with my students specialty teachers and to hold my students accountable for their time when they are not with me.

These score cards are easy to use, allow for both positive and negative consequences, and a place for additional notes. They are a simple and effective way to reinforce your classroom management strategies. More than anything my students non-homeroom teachers could not appreciate them more. By better communicating and implying this simple strategy, behavior, and attitude improved exponentially for my students!

Let me know if you have any questions on how to use these, or if you have other suggestions as to how you applied them in your classroom! I love your feedback!

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