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Student Planner (Editable Covers) Weekly Organizer w/ Reference Charts

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***This pack has been updated to include over 17 different planner page layouts! Now you can customize this planner to fit your needs using a one or two page spread!

ATTENTION 5TH GRADE TEACHERS! My long awaited labor of love sweat and long nights has finally been completed! Click here for my 5th Grade Daily Practice Pages | Student Planner Hybrid.

I am so excited to use this planner in my classroom! This pack comes with 4 cover options, all of which are editable through powerpoint. You also have over 16 different planner page layouts to choose from. Each planner page has a section for students to write down things that are going on at school like programs, birthdays, tests..etc. and at home like homework. I have also included a space for students to jot down their Spelling words, daily at home reading minutes, and total weekly reading minutes, or important tasks or things to remember. There is a space for parents signature, and a space for teacher, parent or student to write a note whether that note is to be sent home or sent to school. A great way to encourage parent, teacher, student, communication.

Also included in this pack is my popular Measurement Anchor Chart to be used as a reference sheet, as well as my newly created math reference chart. Students will enjoy filling out their planner’s All About Me Page, and teachers and parents alike will appreciate having students website password and username information all in one space. Another fun page included is the Books I have Read for students to keep track of books read through out the year, as well as books they want to read, where they can keep track of book recommendations! Hope you enjoy! As always let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

*** I print the cover on cardstock one sided, followed by the All About Me pg, and Book Recommendation pg. Next 36 copies of the Planner Page, Lastly the math reference pg and measurement reference.

5th Grade Teachers make sure to check out the Math and ELA work problem pages that are to be used with the layout of this planner. The problems are common core aligned and would work great as homework, bellwork or morning work for the entire school year! Did I mention they are also a spiral review!!

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