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Class Dojo Point Desk Tracker Sheet


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It occurred to me while trying to tame the bear I like to refer to as “maternity sub plans.” That I would need an effective way to continue to implement my management system whether I was there or not. Thus, the Class Dojo Point desk tracker sheet was born. I love this because it makes it makes it easier and faster for me to hand out class dojo points. Which means students that actually are deserving of points are receiving the. It is also a great visual and immediate reinforcer for great classroom behavior for students. Also, any substitute teacher is quickly able to catch on and effectively use the program. My classroom uses the tracker sheet to keep track of student’s points by the bulk. Once a student fills out a tracker sheet or earns 100 points, they simply sign their name and get mine or my long term substitute’s signature. They then turn in the tracker sheet in the assignment bin so the points can be added to their dojo account. The only downside to keeping track of student’s class dojo points by the bulk is that Class Dojo will only let you add the points in increments of 5 so it takes a few min to do this. However, the convenience and effectiveness of this tool far outweighs the cons for me. In case you were wondering my class uses their dojo points as a type of currency at our Triannual “silent” class auctions. Yes you read right TRI-annual. Meaning I only have to plan for a class auction 3 times out of the school year…It is glorious and the kids love it! Let me know what you think! How do you use Class Dojo in your classroom? To learn more about class dojo simply visit: www.classdojo.com

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