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The Thanksgiving Hero / Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension

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The Thanksgiving Heroes you’ve never heard of. Chances are your students will be unfamiliar with the names Edward Winslow and Chief Massasoit… Thanksgiving is truly a story of an unlikely friendship formed between two different people learning to coexist, by putting their differences aside in order to help one another. Interestingly enough, did you know that almost EVERYTHING we know about the first Thanksgiving in 1621 is from a few lines written in a SINGLE letter? Without this letter, and the author (Edward Winslow) we likely wouldn’t be celebrating the holiday. Student’s will evaluate the Primary Source (letter). While gaining a better idea to the history of Thanksgiving. The reading based on the colonists and the Wampanoag people and their first Thanksgiving Celebration is an interesting reading that delivers information and stories that few know about. You and your class will enjoy this activity.

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