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My Wish List (Adding Subtracting Rounding Numbers w/ Decimals) Christmas

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This is probably many of my students favorite activities that we do throughout the year. So many can already connect to making a Christmas, Birthday, or just a simple wish list after browsing through a toy catalog. I typically complete this activity around Christmas time, however it can be used ANY TIME OF YEAR.

I love this activity because students are able to see a real world application of how and when they might use rounding / estimating / compatible numbers with numbers with decimals. Also with how and when they will need to know how to add and subtract numbers with decimals.

I have set up this worksheet to guide the students through each step and for the students to explain their thinking as well as provide evidence to their answers. In the past I have simply printed off a few pages of a toy catalog for the students to flip through with a parter. Below I will provide the url where you can find updated toy catalogs from year to year. I have also went to stores and collected a class set of catalogs to be used specifically for this activity. I have seen teachers simply display a few pages of catalog on the overhead, and others that complete this project in the computer lab, or with a class set of electronics using the electronic versions of toy catalogs.

There is not a wrong way to complete this activity, I guarantee that every version will lead to your class having a more sound understanding of the concepts, and an increase in student motivation to practice the concept!

I have designed this product with a faint grid. The grid lines are to help guide your students to better organize their work. Which honestly with decimals this can be the biggest culprit of mistakes! I have my students use the columns to write each individual number and the lines to place their decimals. This helps students to line up their decimals and numbers being used by place value.

Let me know how you plan to use, or how you used this product in your classroom and how it was received! I LOVE your feedback:) Also let me know if you have any questions, as always…. Make sure to follow my store Teaching on Lemon Lane to stay up to date on the latest products, sales, and of course FREEBIES!

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Toy Catalog pages:
***You can always google “printable toy catalog” for more! 🙂







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