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Math About Me Upper Grades | Activity Poster Back to School | Math all About Me

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In The Numbers or Math All About Me, is a wonderful tool that can be used as a Back to School Activity, in a Math-Center, or any whole class instruction time. It’s perfect for the first day of school Math Activity. This activity allows students to explore math concepts that surround them everyday! You get to know your students better while they complete this FUN and relatable math activity, and you are able to assess their needs on the first day and first assignment.

This version is primarily for upper grades. It includes mathematic concepts such as: Basic Operations, Base 10 Blocks, Measurement, Decimals, Percentages, Ratios, Scaling, Multiplication with Decimals, Area, Perimeter…etc! There is something everyone can confidently complete, and something that will require the students to think and be challenged.

It can also be differentiated, allow students to solve what they can and then review concepts as a class. Let students share their own numerical representations with the class and demonstrate how they solved different equations. Because of the different concepts you are also able to see what students are able to do and their instructional level.

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