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Listening Comprehension / Listening Skills Upper Grades / Listening Center

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Listening Comprehension is a skill that so often as teachers we overlook. We assume that a skill as basic as listening doesn’t need to be taught. This simply isn’t the case. Students need to be explicitly taught the skills and strategies needed to listen effectively. My students’ end of year test scores continued to lack in the listening department, thus the need and idea for this product came about.


This listening activity can be completed as a whole class activity, in small group instruction, or even done independently as a listening center, or literacy rotation. One side of the printable prompts students to activate their schema on the topic before listening. Another section encourages note-taking/ doodle-making while they listen. The last section teaches students to go back and listen again for clarification and any missed details. After/ while students listen they answer questions aimed to test their comprehension of the audio clip.

The audio clips I use are from the podcast channel “Brains On”, which I LOVE! for more information or to listen to more segments simply visit: http://www.brainson.org/

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