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Classroom Information | Syllabus Class Info for Parents Editable Template Google

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I found that when the countdown begins to the first day of school I simply do not have time to create a beautiful flipbook or foldable for my student’s parents at the Open House, or Meet the Teacher! However, I also didn’t want to take the time to type up a letter that simply wouldn’t be read. This is perfect for back to school!

This Classroom form is editable through Google Slides. Text boxes & suggestions have already been created to allow you to navigate and create a sheet you will love with ease.

Make sure to visit www.onlemonlane.com to download the FREE coordinating student activity that allows students to create inferences about their teacher while browsing through the meet the teacher.

Thus the idea for this eye catching parent information sheet was born. This sheet is beautiful to look at, and allows the reader to quickly and effectively get a grasp on all things corresponding to your classroom. It is the perfect classroom snapshot to send home with parents, best part it all fits on 1 simple to read, easy on the eyes, page.

You are able to completely customize this sheet to your needs! You can change the headers, text, font size..etc to meet your classroom. I personally use this sheet for my school’s back to school night: open house / Meet the Teacher. I hope you love this product as much as I do!

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