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Animal Adaptations Game (Tag) Mimicry / Camouflage / Food Chain / Consumers etc!

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Survival is a sophisticated version of tag, that your students will LOVE. I created this game as a fun way to teach animal adaptations like Mimicry, camouflage, group survival…etc. This fun game is also perfect for teaching food chain, consumers, predator and prey, ecosystems, animal kingdom…etc!

This download includes:
– Detailed instructions of how to play and different versions to try with your class
– Predator cards (9 different species) Including Red Wolves *Print one more so assigned students can hunt in packs!
-Prey cards (10 different species) Including clever species like the coral snake that uses mimicry to blend in and survive!
-Reflection worksheet: After students play use the worksheet to reflect on the game and how it relates to what is being taught in the classroom.
**If your students are like mine they will beg to play this over and over and OVER again! My students actually asked to use these cards at recess!

Quick description of how the game works ****Detailed description is included with download. This game can be played as an entire class or ENTIRE GRADE! You can keep this game as simple as you need for lower grades or as complex as you choose for the upper grades!

—Students are assigned either a predator or prey card. I cut out, laminate and then use yarn to make the cards into necklaces for the students to wear while they play. Predator’s objective is to complete one of the prey lists on the back of their card before the time runs out. Prey is considered eaten when tagged. There are a few fun quirks that have been added to the game like survival adaptations to keep the game interesting! One prey card is equivalent to a certain number of “lives” or animals so the prey students are able to be tagged more than once. Information on the back of their card tells them what happens after each tag. ***Again a few quirks have been added in to keep the game interesting and leads to AWESOME class discussion.

Let me know how the game played out in your classroom, did you use the cards differently than I did? If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know! Make sure to follow my store Teaching on Lemon Lane to stay up to date on the latest products, sales, and of course FREEBIES!

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