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Active Reading Strategies MEGA BUNDLE/ Reading Skills Anchor Charts & Activities

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Reading Strategies and Skills MEGA Bundle! Save $$ by bundling! Each bundle includes activities and anchor charts for teaching Predicting, Inferencing, Questioning, Foreshadowing, Visualizing, Making Connections, Synthesizing, Summarizing and MORE! These Reading Skill sheets are the perfect size for Interactive Notebooks, editable in Powerpoint, and can be used with ANY text!

You can also purchase the bundles individually to fit your classroom needs!

Making Predictions – Guided Reading – Reader’s Workshop *Any Text *Editable
Visualizing / Guided Reading / What Good Readers Do * Editable * Any Text
Questioning Reading Skill + Foreshadowing / Guided Reading / Reading Strategies
Making Inferences / Guided Reading / Active Readers / Any Text / Editable
Summary Reading Strategy How to Summarize / EDITABLE Use w/ any text
Reading Strategy Synthesizing / How to Synthesize / Editable w/ any Text
Making Connections / Guided Reading / What Good Readers Do / Any Text / Editable

I typically introduce each skill through a picture book, then model the skill with the students through our class novel’s chapter, they will then try the skill on their own while reading the next chapter of the novel. Lemonade War and Frindle are two of my favorite Novels to use to explicitly teach these reading skills.

I love these sheets because of the layout, the activities are easy to comprehend and scaffold your students to understand the different reading strategies, how to apply them, and why they are important. Before I start any Literature Circles, Guided Reading Rotations, Read Alouds…etc I teach these skills first. My instruction for the rest of the year hinges on these lessons and my students comprehending and applying these reading skills. Let me know if you have any questions!

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