The First Thanksgiving Tangrams

First Thanksgiving Food Tangrams Today’s Thanksgiving Meal may differ more that you think to what was served during the first Thanksgiving Celebration. This is a fun and interactive, Informational text read. Students will enjoy learning more about the history of Thanksgiving and get a better glimpse as to what the Pilgrims ate, and the impact the Native Americans had on that meal. This activity is ... Read the Post

Thanksgiving Poem Layout for Google Classroom

If you are here, you likely downloaded the Thanksgiving Figurative Language Poetry and Art Project  and you're looking for access to the Poem's Digital Display Poster. Simply click on the link, or image below for access. Click here or on the picture to create a copy of the Google Slide! You can copy and share the google slide document to Google Classroom. This allows the students to type up ... Read the Post

First Day of School Photograph Free Printable

Check out the latest exclusive resource to hit the Digital Library. Remember simply create an account to receive access to FREE quality products just like this one. This digital printable is so fun to use in First Day of School pictures! The best part about this download is that you can personalize it to your student at no cost to you. Most custom products like this range anywhere from 10-20$. ... Read the Post