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Reading Response Comprehension Questions Any Text Elements of Fiction: Conflict


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I developed these “Roll and Respond,” sheets as a fun way for students to stay focused and to make sure their Literature Circle Discussions were supported and focused. These pages are focused on the Elements of Fiction: Questions Focused on Conflict. Editable through google, and perfect for Distance Learning. They work with any text (Novel) and the Reading Response pages are great for Literature Circles, Guided Reading Groups, Literacy Centers…etc. Students Roll a die, (literal or digital) and then respond to the text!

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Benefits to Using the Roll and Respond Questions for Reading Comprehension:

  1. Editable through Google Drive.
  2. Digital Version is included, ideal for Distance Learning.
  3. By Adding a Dice or Element of Chance Student Engagement Increases.
  4. Questions can be used with any book or novel.
  5. Literature Circle Discussions, Book Clubs, Guided Reading Groups, Literacy Rotations… are more structured & stay focused on the topic at hand.
  6. Each Page is focused on an Active Reading Strategy or Element of Fiction such as:

Active Reading Strategies


Elements of Fiction

Elements of Fiction: Roll and Respond BUNDLE

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These were created with Literature Circle Discussions in mind, however, they are perfect for Guided Reading Group Discussions, Book Clubs, and essentially anytime you are looking to discuss a novel or book you or your students are reading. I would simply have students roll a set of 6 sided dice, or a 12 sided die to determine which question they would respond to. All of the questions can be edited through Google Drive. I’ve also included a distance learning version and student response page making it easy to accommodate book talks and discussions during modified schedules through Google Classroom. The Digital Response page includes a link to both a digital timer, and a digital dice roll. This product can be used and implemented in grades as young as elementary looking to study chapter books or novels, to your middle school upper grades and High School Students.

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