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Black History Month Activity / Civil Rights Activities / Leaders of the Movement

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This Leaders of the Movement quote activity is perfect for Black History Month, and teaching your class about the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Students will read through impactful and influential words by some of the greatest people to have an impact on Black History. Students will then reflect on their favorite quote and respond to the prompts.

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Students will select one of the following individuals below, study some of their most impactful words, and then create a zentangle portrait that makes a beautiful bulletin board, or hallway display for Black History Month.

  • Harriet Tubman
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Rosa Parks
  • Fredrick Douglas
  • Nelson Mandela

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Another fantastic activity that highlights the individuals listed above can be found in my Leaders of the Movement Crossword Puzzle Activity. Students study a brief and fascinating biography of each leader, then complete a crossword puzzle that tests their reading comprehension of the text. Click here to download the Leaders of the Movement Crossword Puzzle

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1 review for Black History Month Activity / Civil Rights Activities / Leaders of the Movement

  1. marrieta25

    I can’t wait to do this with my students love the content

    • On Lemon Lane

      This is one of my FAVORITES! Let me know how it goes 😀

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